4 Effective Team Building Activities Ideas For Employees


Have you ever thought about the possibility of changing the atmosphere at your workplace? Before you started working, I’m assuming you had a perfect working environment image in your head – the sun is shining, birds chirping, colleagues smiling, everyone feeling relaxed and genuinely happy.

However, reality turns out to be different and you decide that that mental picture you had was completely imaginary. It happens only in movies. Well, you’re wrong. It’s one hundred percent real if only you try to make a change.

Don’t you think every single one of your colleagues shares your dream? Of course they do! Nobody wants to work with grumpy tense people who never smile.

Now you know something about your team building activities. You all have a mutual goal, and here’s how to make it happen.

4 Awesome Team Building Activities For Employees

4 Effective Team Building Activities For Employees
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1. Back-to-Back Drawing

This is a very simple activity, but also effective. All the material you need is some pictures, pens and paper. Divide your group into pairs and have them sit back to back.

Each pair will have a person holding a picture and another person holding a pen and paper. The person holding the picture has to give verbal instructions to their partner on what to draw on that piece of paper without telling them what actually is in the picture.

Each pair gets the same picture and in the end the winner is the pair who has the most accurate drawing.

This activity will help you communicate more easily with your team members and it is always best to choose pairs randomly since it allows you to get to know a colleague who you do not usually spend a lot of time with.

2. Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities are excellent for spring, summer and early fall. Why don’t you and your team decide to unwind and relax while climbing a mountain, going camping or hiking?

It is a great way to spend some time outside of work and be an actual person without any title or label. You can all agree that each person is to bring some snacks or pieces of equipment for everyone from the team, which you can pack in one of those cute personalised backpacks.

This will bring you closer together and give you a new perspective regarding your teammates, which is exactly what you need for quality team building.

3. Battle of the Air Bands

This game is so much fun, it will surely bring the laughs into your office. The idea is to divide your team into groups (once again, random groupings are always better) and assign roles to each member of the group – drummer, singer, guitarist etc. Each group selects a song they are going to lip sync and play as an air band.

After the performances, there should be a vote where no group can be allowed to vote for themselves, of course. This is a great way to learn or practice some of the key aspects of working as a team while having fun in the process!

4. Company Coat of Arms

This activity encourages the feeling of being part of the community. Talk to your colleagues about what is important for your team and your department.

Discuss your goals and strategies. Think of your team’s motto and also create a logo which will somehow represent all of you. After you do this, take a big thick piece of cardboard and make your team’s coat of arms.

After you are finished, pick a very noticeable spot in your office and hang it there. It will help you feel that you are a part of the team. Make sure everyone is involved, so everyone can feel good when seeing the coat of arms.

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Team building activities are not a one-man job, everyone needs to take part. However, there has to be a person who will make the initiative. Be that person.

It does take courage, but rest assured that everyone will be thrilled with your ideas of a fun way to improve mutual understanding, get to know each other better and respect each other.

If you follow some of these suggestions, I am positive that you will see results very soon and that you will have your ideal workplace in no time!

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