The Dialer App By Microsoft


The company of Microsoft has started to test a new app for android which is similar to Skype is supposed to be used for video calling and stuff like that. The app is named as the dialer app is developed by the team of Skype.

It is designed mainly for the market of an Asian country India. The app is being tested and checked that whether it works according to the expectations in the targeted country or not, It is basically one of the versions of Skype but is given a separate name is has been made specific for a particular country.

It is not really clearly announced about the expected date of the app to be launched however, some related sources tell that it would be launched most probably by the month of December or so.

The app of Dialer is basically an attempt of the company of Microsoft for capturing those markets that is supposed to be bogged down by the issues of connectivity due to slow access of inter-net as well as the unreliability.

According to one of the sources, the country of Asia, India is going to be the country where the app is to be tested; it gets successful, there are chances for the dialer app to be launched in the markets of some of the other countries also.

The company of Microsoft is also planning for releasing such a phone in which the operating system is going to be Windows 10. The expected time for the client app to be launched is a year; it has been told by one of the sources who do not want his name to be mentioned in the public, the reason is unknown.

The company wants to make its app successful and for that reason it is first testing its app in a limited market and is trying to find out about any sort of improvements. If the improvements seem to be required then the company first wants to go for those improvements and then launch the app on a broader scale.

The concept seems to be innovative. As far as the functionality and features of the app are concerned, they are to be first tested on a small scale and then to be enhanced after being successful.

Anybody living in the country where the app is to be launched initially, i.e. India, he/she can sign up to the program for the pre releasing of the app through the community page for Skype. There have not been set any sort of specific news by the manufacturing company on the product.

A lot of people might have been wandering that why there is a need of dialer app when people have got Skype to use. Well, the answer is very simple and has already been mentioned though.

Actually this particular app is for handling the slow connections of inter-net and this is the reason that the company has chosen such a country for the initial launch of the app where the people are often seen to be complaining for the inter-net connectivity.