5 Ways To Motivate Employees At Workplace


A self Motivated Employee is really productive for Company. In the past, the employees didn’t have much awareness about their rights but now it’s really very important for the companies to keep their employees happy and productive. Basically, a company’s profit is based on the employees, if they are working with full motivation and efforts then the company will surly get the higher profits with good ranking. On the other hand, if the employees are not loyal to their work and just working to get the salaries then the company has to suffer with low profits.  Today, all the companies has a big question that “What Makes Employees Productive and Motivated?” because it’s really not easy for a company or a small business to find what makes them productive and Happy.

Forbes reveals that the employees who have a feeling of satisfaction at their workplace will work with more motivation and spirit. When they are happy, then they will find satisfaction in their work and such feelings will help to reduce stress as well as help to work with more motivation. CEOs of blue chip companies often pay high attention to increase the motivation level of employees. So, if you are running a company and keeping the employees motivated is a big issue for you then must read the following guidelines and this article will surely help you about creative ways to motivate employees and also how to generate a happy and satisfied workplace.

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5 Ways to motivate employees at workplace

1). Give High Importance to Employees

What motivates employees the most is to give them a feeling that they are an important part of company by telling them the same information that you share with your investors. This act will builds trust between you and your employees and helps the employees to be more connected to the company and work with more motivation. This feeling is very motivated for an employee and when you highlight the employee’s ability then you will feel surely productivity rise in your company.

2). Conduct Meetings and Training sessions

To convert your vision to the employees, and make them more motivated and productive, it is important to plan different training sessions, meetings, memos and newsletters on regular basis. Try to being friendly in these sessions and ask different questions to them and if they have any problem then try to change the way the information reaches them. Good communication between the employees and the owner is really very important to maintain employees motivation in the workplace . In this way, the employees and the owner work together in a friendly atmosphere for the common goals that really helps owners to motivate employees and also to boost the company’s ability.

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3). Invite Employees on Parties and Occasions

Karen Miller, senior Vice President, said that “don’t underestimate the power of food, especially when it’s free”. We always invite our family and friends to have food in our houses to show our love and concern for them. Which means the invitation of food is a big way to create understanding and love so why you don’t use this to way to have a good communication between you and your employees. On different oceans, such as Christmas and New Year, you can give a party to your employees to show your care for them and it will surely help to motivate employees at workplace.

4). Develop Friendly Environment at Workplace

The environment of your office really provides positive motivation in the workplace and it is very important because it really effects on the capability of the employees. Along with the friendly and relaxed atmosphere, the physical layout of the office is also effects your staff. Google is considered to be the best offices for employees because it provides friendly environment to its employees. They always feel relaxed and calm. So, if you want your employees more productive and motivated then you should provide them a pleasant and comfortable environment with enough room to work and the best materials and supplies.

5). Plan Social Programs and Activities

According to Forbes report, it is also very important to plan some wellness programs and creative activities and it will surely help to make the employees productive and motivated. Plan a riverside walk once in a week with your employees and it will reduce their stress level and boost their thinking. In this way, their productivity will go high and play a key role in boosting the company’s profits and overall image in marketplace.

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