Spotting an Opportunity: What Are the Top Selling Medical Devices?


Innovation has powered the top medical devices for years. With the world on the tail end of COVID, medical companies have made huge decisions in relation to their products. There are a ton of approvals and launches, so things are starting to get really interesting.

5 Best Selling Medical Devices

Spotting an Opportunity What Are the Top Selling Medical Devices

1. Digital Healthcare

Advanced digital healthcare is no longer a pipedream thanks to Stryker. They are one of the most publicized leaders of medical device contract manufacturing in the world.

This includes the iBed Wireless, the LifeNET System and iSuite. Digital healthcare simplifies some of the most complicated parts of the medical ecosystem.

And it does so without adding restrictions that would make the equipment obsolete in a few years. The openness and customizability of these products keeps them in good graces with health professionals that want a digital edge.

2. Trilogy EV300

Ventilators are still in hot demand due to COVID and flu season. There is a such thing as quality over quantity, and that is where Phillips came out in front. The Trilogy EV300 ranks as one of the best hospital ventilators in its price range.

This rugged device can also be portable, with an incredible 15-hour battery life if needed. That alone would put it in its own category, but Philips took it a step further. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity are included, with optional EtCO2 and SpO2 monitoring as needed.

As patients move from room to room with delays, the Trilogy EV300 keeps doing its job. Reliability is a must for ventilators, and that is why hospitals can never go wrong with this particular product.

3. FreeStyle Libre 3

Although the Dexcom G6 has grabbed a lot of attention, it is the FreeStyle Libre 3 that is getting all of the sales. The newest iteration of this incredible diabetes monitor is the best way to check glucose levels without a needle.

It joins the already stellar list of products associated with Abbott. The company is known for creating life changing technology, and has used their resources to continually improve millions of professional and personal lives.

CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) devices hit the ground running for all companies, but the Freestyle Libre family is in a class of its own for features, portability and accuracy.

In addition to diabetes devices, Abbott has also made headlines for their catheters. The Agilis HisPro Steerable is one of their best in a long line of bestselling catheter products.

4. Diagnostic Cardiology

GE Healthcare doesn’t play around when it comes to their cardiology devices. The juggernauts in this division are MUSE NX, MAC 2000 Resting ECG and the Ambulatory ECG.

There are also plenty of related stress testing and analysis programs to fill out their catalogue of excellent choices. What sets GE healthcare apart from other companies is the ease of maintenance. Their guidelines are clear, and the references for each product are always available online.

5. Cream of the Crop

The top selling medical devices will only get better as companies learn to deal with new technologies. A challenge will always present itself, and that is when the best businesses show their worth. With new devices introduced each month, both consumers and professionals are on the winning side of history.

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Author: Sophia Williams