What is Flipboard and How to Use it?


Flipboard is basically an aggregation of social networking. It is a mobile app that has a format in magazine style and is supposed to be localized in greater than about twenty languages. The content is collected by the software from different websites and other sources; then this content is presented in the format of a magazine and the users are allowed for “flipping” through the feeds of their social media accounts and other feeds from those web sites that partnered already with the company. Some of the greatest names in the industry of tech have developed flipboard and it is considered to be a mobile format news app. The content to be gathered may also be taken from different publications of news, blogs, etc. The content can also be displayed by the app in the form of stories, videos, blogs, etc.

The flipboard app is also available on different devices, the operating systems in variance, etc. like android phones, tablets and similar gadgets. The app can also be accessed on the computer by making use of a web browser. The users of this app have the capability for creating the magazines of their own; also they can get subscribed to the other users’ magazines.

Flipboard History

Talking a little bit about the history of Flipboard, it was launched in the year 2010 by an engineer of the Apple Company, named Evan Doll. The main idea behind creating the app was to merge the simplicity and develop a feeling of a magazine that had the accessibility as well as the collaboration provided by the technology.

The news related to technology and other stuff is integrated by the app from the outlets of media throughout the world. All this content is then presented in the format of magazine.

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How to use Flipboard?

At the time when the app is downloaded for the first time and is opened, you actually get started with it. After that you will be able for subscribing to some of the different topics that include news, styles, traveling, technology and a lot more. There can also be conducted searches for all types of bloggers and brands to check for their magazines of the app of flipboard. After the feed gets populated with the desired type of content, it is the correct time for starting the engagement. There can also be created multiple sorts of magazines and the settings of privacy can also be controlled for each of them.

There are a number of tutorials that can be seen on the web site of flipboard along with the lots of videos. The tutorials are very effective and they explain each and every step gradually. They also let you know about the most important and efficient features of the app. The content curation is a very famous way for getting the desired news and the app of flipboard is supposed to be the perfect way for doing it.