How to Write a One Page Business Plan For Your Startup


Writing a detailed business plan is really a daunting task for beginners. It makes them overwhelmed and eventually they left it incomplete. If you are going to start your own business and want to pitch your investors to finance your startup, then you should go for one page business plan.

Here, you may be thinking that both single page business plan and executive summary of a business plan may be the same thing. Well, there is not a big difference between these documents. Both documents are almost same but one thing you should keep in mind that 1-page business plan means it should be completed in just one page while the executive summary of the startup business plan can be extended to 2-3 pages.

Investors don’t have much time to read and check the each section of the business plan. They usually check the startup idea, business feasibility and funding requirements in startup business plans.  If you are going to write a one page business plan for your startup then it will be a good practice to trim down your plan to absolute minimum. It will also help you to communicate your startup idea clearly and effectively with minimum clutter.

It is worth to mention here that one page business plan also has different others names such as “The Pitch”, “executive summary” or the “business model”. So, don’t get confused whenever somebody uses these names to ask you about 1-page business plan.

8 Things You Must Include in One Page Business Plan

To help you to write a single page business plan quickly, you must include the following business plan contents in your pitch:

  1. Write a small description that highlights the customers’ problems
  2. Write your product/services that will resolve the customers’ problems (Solutions)
  3. Create a Business Model and describe your revenue sources
  4. Identify your target market and customers
  5. Mention what competitive advantage you have on existing businesses
  6. Highlight your management team members and their roles
  7. Write your financial summary
  8. Mention how much funding is required to get started

To write a compelling pitch or business plan executive summary, just download the one page business plan template from the internet. Fill the spaces according to your startup requirements and present it in front of investors.

Helpful Tips for Writing a Single Page Business Plan

While writing a one page business plan for your startup business, you should focus on the business plan content rather than its graphical display and presentation. Yes, these things are also important but not more than the content. Investors usually pay attention to the main content of the business plan and check the communications skills. So, be careful and write wisely because it is the first executive summary or pitch document for the investors. So, it should leave good impact on them.

If you want to expand your one page business plan to detailed business plan, then you can follow this step by step writing a startup business plan guide. Read it and write your detailed business plan easily.