10 Best Creative Business Ideas For 2016


Today, money is the most important thing in our lives and we all want to become rich in short time in order to fulfill our countless desires. To earn money we have to do a business, a successful business. Starting a new business is not an easy thing, you have to think lots of things and the most important question is “which business I have to start”. This question is really very important and that’s why I am going to reveal Top 10 Most Creative Business Ideas for 2016. For better understanding, I’ve separated these ideas into two categories such as offline and online small business ideas.  Without further detail, here are the best creative small business ideas to start a business.

5 Online Creative Business Ideas for Beginners

10 Best Creative Business Ideas For 2016
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1). Instagram

In the most creative business ideas, first of all I will tell you about the Instagram because today,   most of the companies are using this as their marketing tool. A recent report reveals that in 2015, 400 million people reached to this app and most of the companies using Instagram for marketing. You can earn income by just sending active followers to the Instagram on demand.

2). Kid friendly apps

If you are master in app then you should think to make a kid friendly app, because today, almost every kid has a gadget and they love to using apps. So it is really very creative business idea to design and produce apps for kids. You can start this business by introducing some small kid friendly apps.

3). Software Class

If you have proficient software skills then you can earn money by passing your knowledge to the people who want to learn it. Starting a software class for the beginners is really a very great business idea and the best thing about this business is that you can do it as part time. You can also transform this idea into action by using Skype or YouTube. Yes, you can also teach your students online.

4). Online Bakery

If you are planning to start a small scale business idea then you should think to open an online bakery where you can sell homemade cakes and cookies. Make some changes in your mother’s cookies recipe and sell them online on different social media sites.

5). Blogging and Writing

Blogging and writing is another creative business ideas in which you can earn lots of money. There are too many sites that offering writing services or you can also make your own blog of your choice and promote it on internet. At the same time, there are numbers of make money writing websites that pay for quality guest posts.

5 Offline Creative Business Ideas You Should Know

1). Pet Accessories Store

We all know that people really love their pet so open a pet accessories store where you sell all the useful and unique accessories for the people who have a dog, cat, rabbit etc. meet the people in your area who have pet and ask them about the things that they want to buy which are not easily available in the town.

2). Health and fitness club

Even though, technology invents the cure of every disease but still healthy life is big issue for all of us. So, if you are thinking about unique business ideas, then think to open a fitness or health club. Today, fitness and health services have become very important part of life as well as it is a very profitable business.

3). Baby sitting

Open a babysitting center is also a very small scale business idea, which is also very profitable. You can see lots of working women around you who want a good babysitting center for their child. So open a high class babysitting center and provide hygienic atmosphere to attract most mothers.

4). Sale anti wrinkle creams

Nobody wants to look old so you can find lot of people who want to hide their wrinkles, so search for the best anti wrinkle cream and start the business from your area. It will be really a very profitable business for you.

5). Electronic Repair

We all have countless electronic products in our houses and we often need a person to repair the machinery. So it is very good to open an electronic repair center and also offer the clients to pick and drop service to attract the more customers.

Need More Small Business Ideas to Get Started?

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