31 Best Small Business Ideas in Karachi 2024


Looking for small business ideas in Pakistan? Here are the best ones you can think about in 2024!

Karachi is the largest and most populous city of Islamic Republic of Pakistan as well as financial hub of the country. The city contributes around twenty five (25%) percent towards the entire GDP of Pakistan.

According to World Bank, Karachi is a most business friendly city in Pakistan. In the Pakistan economy, Karachi has a great position indeed.

Lots of people plan to try their business luck in the city and they actually succeed. However, in order to start a business, you must choose the right idea and the right business plan. Some of the best small business ideas in Karachi that can prove to be so lucrative are as follows:

Best Small Business Ideas in Karachi

1. Wedding Planning Business

wedding planing

In Karachi, weddings are celebrated in a very special way. People are always ready to spend large amounts of money for getting their weddings planned in the best possible way.

If you are good at event management, decoration and communication skills, you can surely start this business and earn great profits in a short time. Later on, you can also add into your services like photography, videography, etc.

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2. Opening a Café at Sea Side

There are amazing beaches in Karachi including Hawke’s Bay, Clifton Beach, Paradise Point, Sandspit Beach, Cape Mount and Turtle Beach. You can think of opening a small and cool café on the side of any of these beaches that you find suitable.

It can be a lucrative business because lots of people visit these beaches in every season and they love they have some snacks while enjoying themselves there.

It can be one of the most profitable businesses in Pakistan and particularly in Karachi if you plan it and run it the right way.

3. Seafood Business in Karachi

Starting the business of fish and seafood in Karachi is a great idea. As Karachi is situated on Sindh coastline along with the natural harbor of the Arabian Sea, so starting a seafood business there can be a great deal of success.

You can start this business on a very small scale and then later on expand it by selling frozen seafood and stuff like that.

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4. Online Garments Business

Online Retail Store

Although there are lots of malls and shopping centers in Karachi, still there are a number of people who prefer online shopping. It is a great small trading business in Pakistan that you can pursue while liking in Karachi.

For starting such a business, you first need some suppliers from where you can get the garments on reasonable rates. At the same time, you also need to have your e-commerce business site. There you will have to upload the pictures of your products along with their prices.

Next you also need to make a contract with some delivery services providers. Making a Facebook and/or Instagram page for marketing purposes can also be great.

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5. Becoming a Trip Advisor

There are lots of worth visiting sites in Karachi that include the PAF Museum, Dolmen Mall, Mazar-e-Quaid, Gold Coast Sky Point, Churna Island and a number of other exquisite places.

Many people from different areas of Pakistan and different parts of the world as well plan to visit Karachi in their vacations. So you can start your business of becoming a trip advisor and tourist guide for those people.

It is surely a fun business idea to start in Karachi. The most important skills for this business include management, planning and communication skills.

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6. Commercial Property Business / Real Estate

Technology is changing Real Estate Market

Commercial property business is one of the outstanding small business ideas in Karachi. It is generally run on large scales, but still you can take a start on a small scale, of course.

If you have some spare property or house, you can put it on rent. Commercial lands are always demanded and it is a profitable business idea. Gradually you can expand the business as soon as you start generating money from it.

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7. Business of Auto Spare Parts

Most of the people in Pakistan do not prefer buying new cars, rather they like to buy used (2nd hand cars). Therefore, there is a high and constant demand for the spare parts of automobiles. These days, cars are a basic necessity of life for a great number of people in Pakistan.

If you plan to start such a business in Karachi, you should make sure that the location of your shop is easily accessible for your customers. Plus you should keep the labor wisely.

8. Making a Kids’ Store

Living in a densely populated city like Karachi gives you the opportunity to open up a retail store for kids. You need to focus on the targeted niche and have some entrepreneurial knowledge related to the retail industry.

In such a business, there is no chance for the potential customers’ shortage because the population of kids is increasing. It can be one of the most profitable businesses in Pakistan, particularly in Karachi.

9. Greeting Cards’ Business

The people who have a great sense of creativity must start such a business of greeting cards. This can be a way for creating a successful venture by using the creativity of minds.

The greeting cards can be some illustrated card pieces with an expression of love, friendship, happiness or whatever.  Lots of people want to buy these cards on various occasions like birthdays, wedding ceremonies, apologies, religious events, etc.

10. Consulting Business

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The professionals from a variety of industries keep looking for profitable ideas related to consulting businesses. The do it for the sake of making more money and for enjoying more flexibility in job.

Consulting has been used for a number of years and it’s not something new. It is one of the lucrative small business ideas in Karachi as well. The trend is going to continue and grow in the coming years, and it is going to be a profitable venture.

Some of other successful small business ideas in Karachi you can start with no to little investment:

11# Starting a Blog

If you are passionate about blog, starting a blog would be great idea. There are multiple blog niches you can consider. For instance, you can start blogging on business, technology, lifestyle, fashion, lifestyle, health etc.

12# Beauty Parlor

In this list of small business ideas in Karachi, starting a beauty parlor is also good idea. You do not need much investment to start this home based business. It is very important for you to consider factors like your beauty parlor location, type of services, pricing and social media marketing strategies.

13# Barber Shop

Barber shop is another low cost startup idea which you can start in Karachi city. If you provide good services, you will get famous shortly in your area.

14# Web Development / Software House

If you’ve good web development skills, you should start your own web development agency. As you know, Pakistani is going through economic crises, rendering IT enabled services to foreign clients is a best way to make money and cope with inflationary situation.

15# Auto / Car Detailing

There are millions of cars in Karachi city. Choose a good location and start your car detailing business. It will be profitable business if you provide good services.

16# Real Estate Agency

17# Tax Consultancy

18# Travel Agency

19# Ridesharing with your Bike/Car

20# Utility Store

21# Legal Advisory

22# Delivery of Fresh Water

23# Selling Smartphones

24# Honey Farming

25# Organic Farming

26# Dairy Business (Selling Dairy Products)

27# Import & Export Consultancy

28# IT Consultancy Business

29# Starting a Pharmaceutical store

30# Stationery / Printing Press

31#  Starting a Small Construction Company

32# Become a General Order Supplier Or Participate in Govt. / Private Tenders

Hope, aforementioned startup ideas will be helpful for you. But the list is not ending here. There are lot more business ideas in Karachi you can start in 2024. You just need to do brainstorming and come up with innovative business ideas that can solve the problems.

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