Do You Want to Start a Career in Blogging? Here are my Top 20 Useful Tips


Great blogging is a complex blend of various factors that you get better day by day. But if you plan to be a professional blogger, turning blogging into your career, then the blend needs to be carefully designed and mixed.

Professional blogging isn’t something you just do out of passion, but something that has a serious impact on your earning and your life in general. therefore, if you are indeed planning on a serious profession in blogging, you have to put a lot of work into it and strive hard.

In order to aid you in your quest, I offer you 20 great tips that are universally agreed upon by the greatest bloggers on the planet that would surely work wonders!

20 Tips on How to Start a Career in Blogging

Best Tips for Starting a Career in Blogging

1. Understand your Audience

In case of any performance, understanding your audience is the first and foremost job. Presenting your thoughts on your blog is nothing less than a sophisticated art that requires much calculation before delving into it. And therefore, you as an artist need to understand the audience you are posting for!

2. Create audience loyalty

The secret to retaining your old fans is to make sure you tend to their needs? What are the things that had brought them to you in the first place? Stick to that, and give them a regular dose of their favorite topics.

It is true that people always look for innovation. But it is also important to remember that although bringing in newer things is essential, but some basic things about people never change. And that is why it is so important to retain your originality as well.

3. Follow your heart

Although a profession in blogging is possible out of your comfort zone, it is always a much better idea if you can start a blog about something you are particularly interested in.

For example, if you are obsessed with healthy living, starting a blog on healthy living will not only be a better option for you, but you will also derive much pleasure from it which will, in turn, keep you constantly enthusiastic about new posts.

4. Keep yourself updated

Keep yourself updated with what is going on around the world in that particular sector. You can, of course, put up posts about how things used to be in the past, but you really need to post about the most recent events taking place in that field.

For example, if you have a health blog, you have to stay constantly updated on the latest innovations in medical science. You also need to know the less important, yet extremely interesting matters going on in the world because the audience really digs posts on weird things.

5. Take ideas from your audience

One extremely double-win thing to do is to take blog post ideas from your audience. This does two things: You can always

  • Get new ideas when you have run out of good ones
  • Be sure that your post will be loved by your audience

You can do this in various ways, for example, following the comments section, various forums you are involved in, posting on social media, etc.

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6. Create an Email list

Even if you are not planning on selling something, you should always keep an email list of your audience. That way, at least, you’ll know whom to mail in case of direct promotion of your new content.

7. Remind them to follow you

Although it does not sound much, reminding people to follow you, or share your post can actually make them do it by a huge percentage. The work is simple. Just ask them to share the post or to follow you at the end of your post, and see the difference!

8. Arrange for giveaways

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Nobody!

Arrange small contests for the audience and announce gifts for free. Your audience will swarm towards you like crazy.

9. Quality and Quantity

Always make sure that quality and quantity both are present on your blog. The posts need to be of great quality, for sure! But make sure that your search for great quality content does not by any means harm the number of blog posts. Quantity is extremely important for a blog. A blog which does not have regular posts will undoubtedly fail.

10. Share things they don’t know

If you are posting about things that are common knowledge, your blog probably won’t be doing very well. Try to talk about things your audience do not already know.

11. Add personal touches

Even when you are sharing a photo of a landscape a lot of people know about, add a little story. Tell them of the time you had visited that place and why it is important to you.

The audience wants to know about you. They want to see the human side of you. A little story here and a little opinion there would make things more personal and give the audience the precious feeling that they know you.

12. Be patient

Great blogging takes time. Yes, there are people who have miraculously done great in just a couple of months, most great bloggers had to wait for a year or two before they could expect anything substantial from their blog. So, be patient. Good things take time.

13. Don’t lengthen posts

People are in general busy, and quite impatient. They will probably avoid a post if it is too long. So try to keep it short and concise, but long enough to ensure proper explanation. Make your point using fewer words. Your presentation should be clear and crisp.

14. Pictures speak a thousand words

No, I am not talking about a catchy picture added to your post. I am asking you to use an infographic in place of a 500-word explanation of a situation.

Use charts and graphs when you need to present some data. People remember and understand things better when represented visually. And there is always the fact that looking at an infographic and deciphering the meaning takes about a few seconds, whereas reading entire paragraphs and summarizing the message will take more time which people are unwilling to spend.

15. Find your voice

Your voice is essentially who you are and how you sound. If you are good at writing great content with innocent sarcasm here and there, then stick to it and maintain it. Maintaining your voice will maintain the consistency of your tone throughout your blog.

16. Write for yourself first

This is a very good tactic and can produce surprisingly good results. Ask yourself what you would like to know about, and write your post on that. A lot of great marketers agree that the solutions to a lot of problems lie within us, and all we need to do is look within.

17. Be respectful towards everyone

Although a blogger is bound to have his or her own opinions, make sure your content, language or presentation does not become offensive to anybody.

If you do not agree with something, explain that politely in your posts, but offending someone would cause you a great loss of audience.

18. Consider all the necessary aspects

Many a times, bloggers focus just on the writing. If you have a photography blog, you would most likely tend to focus on the pictures. But when a blog lacks any of the necessary aspects, it will surely fail to perform.

Your blog needs to have visuals of really great quality, beautifully written posts, attractive layout and features that are interactive. Without a great blend of all of these, your blog won’t perform well.

19. Interact with your audience

Your audience loves a sense of belonging. So, make sure that you respond to them regularly and you respond to them well. Don’t respond just for the sake of responding, but take your time and write something that would make them feel valued. Your audience is your asset and any effort spent on them should be taken as an investment.

But before you start responding to the comments, however, decide who you want to handle the comments section. Do you want to be completely open, or do you want to take a more moderate approach? Deciding beforehand will help you when you handle the comments section.

20. Find other ways to monetize your blog

In order to ensure a great revenue from your blog, do not depend solely on the blog itself. Since it is a career you are considering in and not just a hobby, the monetary aspect should be taken seriously and care should be taken so that you invest on as many means as possible.

The most common forms of earning revenue are affiliate marketing, blog sponsorships, display advertising and selling your own product. All of these are amazing sources of revenue and can help you immensely.

Now that you are equipped with the best tips on blogging, do your best and make the hard work count!

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