18 Best Travel Business Ideas for Travel Lovers


If you travel a lot and want to become your own boss, then you should explore easy and low-cost travel business ideas and choose the right one in which you’ve interest and expertise. You also need to ensure that it is easily executable and manageable.

Luckily, there are some travel business ideas through which you can generate income without compromising on your travel activities. You just need a laptop, mobile and a reliable internet connection to manage your business online.

Here is the list of cool travel business ideas and pick the right one which you can start easily.

Travel Business Ideas for Travelers

1. Become a Travel Blogger

Best Travel Business Ideas for Travel Lovers

Blogging is one of the best business ideas for travel lovers. Starting your own blog will give you ultimate freedom and you can fulfill your dream of travelling around the world.

If you want to know about how to get started, then here is the detailed guide on how to start a blog. To make money from blogging, you can put ads on your blog. At the same time, you can sell something or do affiliate marketing to double your income.

2. Become a Vlogger

Vlogging is similar to blogging, but videos are used for sharing views and information instead of writing materials. Those who publish videos on their blogs are known as vloggers.

If you love travel and tourism, then it is one of the best travel business ideas 2018. You can start your own vlog by publishing videos on your blog / YouTube and make money along with traveling.

3. Start your YouTube Channel

According to Omni Core Agency, approximately 1.9 million searches are made on YouTube on monthly basis. It is a great place where people can watch videos for learning and entertainment purposes. You can become a YouTuber and publish videos on YouTube and earn money using Google AdSense or Sponsored videos.

4. Become an Instagram Influencer

Do you know you can turn your Instagram account into influencer account and earn money like a pro? This is true. There are lots of people becoming Instagram influencer and making dollars through sponsoring contents.

If you’ve good following on Instagram, then try to promote products and services of other businesses and earn one time or recurring commissions.

5. Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make passive income. Signup for affiliate programs through shareasale, amazon associates or CJ publishers and promote products and services through blogs, social media, Quora or YouTube and earn commissions.

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6. Remote Freelancing

It is not only a best part-time business idea but also a good online business for travelers. In freelancing, you can render various services such as editorial services, video making, app development, content writing, digital marketing and blab la. Through freelancing, you’ll not only make a living but also enjoy your travel without losing any business opportunity.

7. Web Designing & Development

Web designing, and development is an integral part of starting an online business. To start an internet business, people need websites. You can offer them web designing and development services.

You don’t need to setup an office. All you need is a laptop, and internet connection to work.

8. Rendering SEO Services

If you are expert in search engine optimization, then you don’t need to stick at home and do work. You can also offer these services from any corner of the world and get paid for your services.

9. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Consultancy

From small scale to large businesses, they often outsource social media marketing to expert agencies to generate high ROI. If you are working independently or having a full fledge social media marketing team, you can get these projects and offer services while traveling.

10. Starting a Tourism Agency

Hundreds of thousands of people visit different places around the world. They hire professional tourism agencies to plan their trips and provide all the necessary things which are required in making the trip memorable.

If you are familiar with lots of best places, things to do and attractions in your country then consider this idea. Apart from that, there are other several business opportunities in tourism industry though which you can reap the rewards. All you need is to stop procrastination and start doing.

11. Luxury Car Rental Business with Chauffeur Services

Luxury cars

This is another great travel & tourism business idea because you’ll not only rent your luxury and exotics cars, but also provide your chauffeur services.

If you work independently then you’ll go with the customers and see different places. At the same time, if you’re running a car rental agency then you it doesn’t matter you are in the city or out of the city. You can oversee and manage your startup online.

12. Travel Personal Assistant

Politicians, government officials and even owners of big companies often hire travel personal assistant. You can also offer your travel guide and other official work assistance while traveling from one place to another.

13. Photographer

It is a cool business idea if you are interested in starting your small business. We’ve mentioned some steps on how to start a photography business. Read it and start your travel business today.

14. Public Speaker

Colleges, Universities and even companies often public speaker for delivering important lecture or motivating students and employees. If you’ve good speaking skills, try to monetize it.

15. Event Planner

In first thought, event management seems to be easy. But in reality, it is a time consuming  work. You’ll have to plan everything so that event become successful. Many people even companies outsource event planning and management to third parties.

If you’ve sound experience in event planning, try this niche travel business idea. You can also provide your services online. All you need is to craft a plan in which you’ll plan, and mention everything that can be helpful for event planning.

16. Translator

Offering professional translation services is another great business idea for travel lovers. You’ll not only travel from one place to another but also able to provide translation services without any issue.

17. Online Coach

Like eLearning, online coaching is also popular way to make money online. You can become a full time traveler as well as online coach.

You can use YouTube, Udemy, Facebook or your own website to provide your online coaching services. The coaching services may be related to academic, business or even Yoga training.

18. Travel Booking Site

Develop a travel booking site and do a good SEO. Write google friendly contents to increase traffic and also apply for affiliate marketing program of booking.com or tripadvisor for making money.

PS: More travel & tourism business ideas will be shared soon.