10 Low Cost Business Ideas for Beginners


Shortage of funding always hinders the aspiring Entrepreneurs to start a business. Now, it becomes a myth that finance is mandatory to start a successful small business, but it is not true for all the startups.  There are plenty of low cost business ideas available for you to get started and most of these startup ideas are related to online businesses. You can start your business with little or no funding. In order to get started, you need to improve your internet, website and marketing skills. Here are the 10 best cheap business ideas that will not cost you much but obviously require your precious time.

10 Low Cost Business Ideas You Can Start Today

Low Cost Business Ideas

1. Content Creation

Today, content drives an online business. Every online business is in need of content in the form of articles, essays and blog posts in order to keep their potential customers updated. The 24-hour news cycle and social media marketing have created lots of opportunities for creative content writers and graphic designers. If you’re a professional writer and looking for the best small business to start then content creation is the best low cost small business idea for you. Now, thanks to the freelancing websites, these platforms have made everything easy for writers. All you need to sign up on these sites, offer writing services to clients and exchange your skills with money.

2. Social Media Consulting

Due to the importance of online business, social media consultancy is getting famous in these days. Large firms or even small businesses are always in search of social media consultants, the person who can handle their social media accounts and run effective social media marketing campaigns in order to engage their online customers. If you’re a good marketer and have the right skills then it is the most lucrative small business to start in 2016.  You can offer your consultancy services to the clients in higher prices.

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3. Online Video Courses and tutoring

In the list of easy business ideas, starting an online video and tutoring course is a great low budgeted startup idea. But it all depends on you that what type of skills you have and what type of subject you want to teach. To get started with this, you must have skills in fields like education, lifestyle or web design etc. You can help other people online by starting virtual classes. You can use platforms like YouTube or Skype in order to get started. For this business, you just need a HD cam, microphone and good internet connection and that’s it.

4. Event Planning

If you’re a highly organized person and have good management skills and also love to join parties and get together then you can monetize your skills into cash. Yes, event planning is a successful idea to start a business. Whether it’s a bachelor party, class reunion, birthday or wedding party, you can become an event planner for the clients and make arrangements in order to make the events successful. Mobile phone, chat messengers, and internet are the essential things to run this business successfully.

5. Translation Services

Translation service is a good business idea for those people who have good commands on different languages. If you are fluent in non-native language then you can find translator job easily. You can also offer your translation services to schools, businesses, hospitals, tourists, conference centers and even in foreign embassies.

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6. Software Training

Nowadays, software and IT skills are highly demanded by software houses and business firms. If you’re specialized in software engineering then it is also the best low cost business ideas to get started. You can help the beginners and professionals in order to expand their skills. You can arrange seminars, conferences, workshops or even lectures and charge per hour for a complete instructional program.

7. Voice Selling / Music

If you’ve a good voice and speak like a professional speaker or sing songs, then you can sell your voice. It is also the one of the best low cost business ideas to get started. You can also start your own low cost business online.

There are some best Freelancing websites operating online through which you can start your home based business easily.

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8. Babysitting

Babysitting is considered to be the cheapest business idea for teenagers. But now, it is not a teenager’s business anymore. If you like children and love to spend some time with them then you can start this side business right now. In order to get started, you need to expand your network in community and be ready to work in night shifts and also on the weekends.

9. Book Selling

Book selling is a good business startup idea for creative book writers and authors. If you’re a passionate writer and love to write books then this business is waiting for you. For example, if you love cooking then you can write and publish your cooking recipe book and sell it on eCommerce websites.

10. Affiliate Marketing

If you own a blog or website and have good PA and DA then affiliate marketing is a most profitable business to start in 2016. All you need to research the businesses online that offer affiliate marketing opportunities to website publishers. Once you got it, contact them and start marketing / advertising their commodities online.

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Anyway, there are numbers of other unique and low cost business ideas available for you that require little or no funding to start, but all the businesses require some time to establish in market. So be patience and do hard work as much as you can in order to make your business profitable. Good Luck!