Top 5 Best Crowdfunding Websites of 2016


Today, some of the Best Crowdfunding websites really help a large number of fresh graduates, who are coming in markets and trying to start their startup businesses. They all have innovative ideas and trying to launch their startup businesses, but unfortunately majority of young entrepreneurs often get failed in fulfilling their startup dreams just because of capital shortage. If you are one of them and have awesome business ideas but frustrated about how to finance your small business, then consider your frustrations are gone now because fundraising websites are there to sort out your issue. All you need to explore Best Crowdfunding Websites for personal interest and then say bye-bye to your frustrations especially on how to raise money for small business?

On internet, crowdfunding sites are on its peak in these days and that’s why numbers of entrepreneurs are raising funds from these websites. These fundraising websites are playing very important role in revamping the small business industry and offering several benefits to Entrepreneurs in terms of raising money for startup businesses. Some major benefits of Crowdfunding sites are as follows:

  1. Investors in Best Crowdfunding Sites will force you to accomplish the goals and you are liable to fulfill your startup business dreams.
  2. If you become successful in launching the startup business then the investors, who invested in your business, will happily share your success stories on the internet especially on the social media platforms. We all know that social media marketing is very essential for building the business reputation and sharing of success stories will leave positive impact on your business marketing strategy.
  3. One of the best advantages of using fundraising websites is that if you raise money for startup business then you will have full control on the capital as well as on the business management. But in the future, you will have to share part of the profit with the investors who helped you to fulfill your dream.
  4. During campaign, you can also get potential buyers that will surely boost your initial sales volume.
  5. If you want to start your own Property business, you can get crowdfunding for real estate investments. 

Before you dive into the first fundraising campaign, it is very important to know and determine that which crowdfunding sites are best for individuals or to get business loans.

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Let’s explore the 5 Best Crowdfunding Websites of 2016 in terms of investors’ trends, most funded projects, popularity and other necessary information, so you can select the right platform to raise money for small business.

5 Best Crowdfunding Websites of 2016

Best Crowdfunding Websites
Source – Huffingtonpost


Categories: Arts, Comics, Designs, Dance, Film, Fashion, Food, Music, Games, Publishing, Photography, Theatre and Technology

Fees Structure: Only 5% if you accomplish your goals including payment processing fees.

Payment Methods: Amazon Payments

Kickstarter is the best website to raise money online, it is one of the best platform and foremost fundraising priority for the citizens of USA and UK. It was launched in 2009 and up till now they have helped connect backers with 42K business projects and raised more than $649 millions.

According to the Alexa rank, website receives 8.9 million unique visits per month globally and this is the reason that how kickstarter projects get funding easily.

Pebble is still one of the most funded projects on the Kickstarter. Pebble was a project of E-Paper watch for iPhone. Their target was $100k but luckily they received more than $20 million from 78,471 backers.

2). Indiegogo

Categories: Arts, Comics, Designs, Dance, Film, Fashion, Music, Game, Photography, Transmedia, Writing, Video, and Entrepreneurial (Startup business, Food, Technology and Sports)

Fees Structure: Only 4% for successful funded project but if failed then 9% will charged plus payment processing fees.

Payment Methods: ACH, PayPal, First Giving or Wire Transfer

 Indiegogo is also a good donation website. It is the second famous crowdfunding site for fundraising on internet. In 2008, it was launched with the goal to help the entrepreneurs in order to accomplish their dreams.

In Alexa ranking, Indiegogo is at 194 while 2.9 million visitors visit this site per month globally.  Up till now, Flow Hive: Honey on Tap Directly from your Beehive is the most funded project on Indiegogo. They had received $10.2 million from 37K backers.

3). Fundable

Categories: All types of Startup Businesses including Medical and Education

Fees: During active campaign, Fundable deduct $99 per month + payment processing fees

Payment Methods: We-Pay

Fundable is a third major best crowdfunding site for startup business. It offers equity or rewards in exchange of investment in the startup. According to the website statistics, startups that offer rewards or incentives they only successful in raising money up to $50K, whereas those small businesses that offer equity in business usually raise more money than normal fundraising.

Decision Desk is considered as the best funded project on Their goal was to raise money up to $1.25 million and they did it.

4). Rocket Hub

Categories: Art, Business Education, Charity, Social and Science

Fees Structure: 4% for successful crowdfunding while 8% if you didn’t accomplish the goal + payment processing fees

Payment Methods: Digital Payment system

Rocket Hub is the only Crowdfunding platform that gained huge popularity after the success of A&E Networks. Numbers of educator, business, community and governmental projects are funded through Rocket Hub. In education sector, Rocket Hub is the leader in crowd sourcing sites.


Categories: Education, personal startup business and personal causes

Fees Structure: 15% for donor while you’ll have to pay only 3%.

Payment Methods: We-Pay and Stripe

Unlike the traditional websites, Gofundme is a creative crowdfunding website which is working differently and getting famous in all over the world. It was launched with the aim to improve the deprived sectors of society and resolve the personal financial issue. But it is still becoming the one of the Best Crowdfunding Websites on the internet because people are running their campaign to raise money for personal financial issues. People usually run their campaign to raise money for their startup businesses or personal causes. Up till now, more than $1.2 billion dollars raised for personal causes like illness, medical issue, personal startup funding, house building or maintenance, and education.