Top 5 App Development Platform for Small Business


Are you looking for developing an app for your business, blog, product, services or something else and have a great idea in your mind then you are at right place.

There are several app development platforms available in the market that not required huge investment, coding experience, and take less time to build your app.

These app development platform / software helps you to assemble various element, features, and design into a mobile app.

5 Best App Development Platform for Small Business

Top 5 App Development Platform for Small Business

Here are the Top 5 App Development Software for you

1# Apps Builder

  • Design Templates
  • Visual interface
  • Testing management

Apps Builder is a self-service app development software. No coding skills required for the user to build Native applications and HTML5 web apps. Its services are mainly used by private phone owners and small and medium-sized enterprises.

It also allows users to monitor real-time rates and trends of their application. Apps Builder also provides several marketing tools so that you can monetize your apps such as QR code generators, In-app subscription and banner ads, etc.

Pricing –  14€/month for web app only, 29€/month for a Basic native app, 49€/month for a fully native app.

Review – “Fast and Easy to Use. You can create your app easily with this great software. The interface is very simple. I mainly enjoy the plugin feature that allows to sync app with other blogs and websites” by Milos Timotic, Developer at TMS

2#  Appy pie

  • Application management
  • Drag and Drop interface
  • Customizable templates

Appy pie is an app development software that allows you to build your app without doing any coding for almost any platform. Appy pie provides you several specific templates such as church apps, dating apps, and SMB apps.

The process is very simple and understandable, you only need to select the design and customize it, add features that you need, then publish it. They used a simple interface in which you don’t need to download anything, just drag and drop the pages to create the app.

Pricing – $15/month for a basic, $30/month for gold, $50/month for platinum.

Review– “Great place to anyone if they want to create an android and iOS app, reasonable rates and professionally done. Easy drag and drop feature so no coding skills required” by Piyush Jain, Simplam.

3#  Appery

  • Drag and Drop Editor
  • Multi-platform support
  • Completely cloud-based

Appery is a cloud-based app development software capable of developing native apps and hybrid apps across all platforms and also used for creating responsive web apps. Appery runs in the cloud so you don’t want to download and install anything.

It includes a visual editor to drag and drop the components that make it easier for non-coder. Appery has many additional features for advanced development such as Cloud base, Rest APIs, plugins for media, and technologies like jQuery, Angular js, and Bootstrap integrated into it.

Pricing – Start from  $90 for pro, $200 for a team, custom pricing for the enterprise.

Review – “Great for the beginner in app development. I used this software to develop a simple app, it has a pre-design module with the limited choice to customize them. It was easy to use. My app works great on both tablets and mobile” by Martin Heller, a Developer consultant

4# Good Barber

  • Multi-platform progressive web app development
  • Location-based services
  • Adding your own HTML code
  • Social media integration

Good Barber is an app development software mainly used to build progressive web apps. This platform can also be used to develop HTML 5, iPhone and android apps.

Good barber offer services for small and mid-size business, they can control every component of their app without writing a single code. Several design templates are available with advanced features like social networking, push notification, customization possibilities, many plugins.

It also provides many options for managing your app like CMS, user profile, comment section, events listing, mobile transaction gateway.

Pricing – Plans start from $32/month for android apps, $96/month for iOS apps.

Review – “It is very simple to use once you get used to it. For progressive web apps development, it is very cost-effective” by Jane Brewer, Business Technology consultant

5#  Mobile Roadie

  • API
  • Custom Development
  • Third-party integration
  • Collaboration tool

Mobile Roadie is an app development software used to create, customize and manage mobile apps, having offices in the USA, UK, and Norway. It provides feature modulus, Content management system and a dashboard to see app analytics and activity.

It is one of the expensive app development software mainly focus on large scale business and big enterprises. For good mobile experience to the users, it offers custom features like augmented reality, interactive maps, In-app purchase, unique email registration/login.

Pricing – Custom pricing.

Review – “Great app development platform with cool features. The free trial helps me to check out its features, now I am using the core version. The app has Geo facing, mapping tools and Social camera tools, not many apps have these features” by Amyra Sheldon, a Tech enthusiast


Choosing the best platform for app development is a very difficult task if you don’t know your requirements. So before choosing the best platform for your app first create a list of your requirements and pricing, then compare it with the features of the different app development platforms and choose accordingly.

I hope this article helps you to have a better idea about the top app development platforms so that you can compare your requirements and select one of them.

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