Top 4 App Development Startup Ideas for Entrepreneurs


Having a startup takes a lot of planning and challenges. To have an idea and to execute it the way you desire and then even get a good return on your investment, is not something that works for everyone. Many people fail in their first attempt and need to start again. Also, it’s not always about the idea that is bad but your approach towards that concept that may fail you. If that is the case then all you need is a good app development strategy for your business.

However, for some people, there is a flaw in their basic plan, the idea they may have may not have a huge market or is probably too mainstream. There are plenty of other reasons why your concept may not be a good one. Whether you are starting a food business or want to develop an app, the formula works the same for everyone. In order to create something that will actually be unique, creative and be accepted by the public. With the ever increasing variety of apps available and more coming in every day, it can be difficult to understand which mobile app idea to go for.

In order to help you out, here are a few industries that mobile applications have begun tapping into but the competition is not strong enough.

4 App Development Startup Ideas in 2017

app development startup ideas for entrepreneurs

1. Healthcare

With so many complex diseases on the rise due to obesity and consumption of processed foods, people are looking for ways that they can be healthier and avoid these problems. However, going to the gym only helps if they have a full-time instructor telling them right from wrong.

Health related apps have seen a rise now since people are not dependent on their instructor to tell them what is right for them. They can simply log into an app to see the amount of nutrition they have consumed and the amount of exercise that needs to be performed by that person. Furthermore, there are apps that can connect people to a hospital or to their doctor anytime or help doctors and other medical staff to keep track of their patients’ records.

Someone venturing in this business can have a sure shot of having their app being successful. You can also let the healthcare system you are aiming for use prototype apps to gain familiarity with it first before you make it commercial so that you have a better chance of success.

2. Service Providing Apps

There are multiple services that are being provided through apps such as booking hotels, ordering food or shopping online. Yet there are very few mobile applications that provide facilities such as connecting users to people working as technicians, plumbers and mechanics.

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A service such as this can be really helpful as it will allow people to trust the person they are hiring through that app, while also have a quicker service. Services such as these are not common around any part of the world, and choosing to develop such mobile apps can increase the chances of users preferring your development.

3. Agriculture Industry

With farmers adopting more and more technology to make their yield better, it is fair to say that applications that help farmers can be a hit. There are many countries in which agriculture plays a vital role in their GDP.

There are currently mobile applications which tell the farmers, through connected farming, about the soil condition and if the land is fertile enough to provide the crops with essential minerals. Furthermore, a lot of apps offer weather predictions and safety measures that the farmers can take to protect their harvest.

Venturing into market segment can not only bring a boost to any newly established app development business but also provide a better substitute to farmers than just having guess work.

4. AI Compatible Apps

Due to the rise of AI in the industrial sector, it is evident that any app which supports AI technology is surely going to be successful. The more the app gives control over different things around the house or gives control of different machineries or functions in an industry, the better it has the chances of being successful.

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Many apps have functions which can let people control the thermostat of their house and their electronic appliances without having to be present in the house. Any app developing company seeking to try something much advanced can adopt AI technology in their apps.

App development businesses must not limit themselves to only exploring the industries that already have a lot of apps associated with it. There is a lot of potential in the mobile app industry as it will continue to develop further as time goes by and technology progresses. The more you take on new turns in the app development the more chances are of your business flourishing.

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Contributed by Ronald Mccarthy