8 Best Android App Development Tips to Grow Your Business


The mobile app industry is taking business with a boom. And most of this line is under the capture of android app development. Do you know, alone Google Play store has more than 3.8 billion apps? 

Huge number…Right! This makes the android apps industry the largest one of all. With such huge competition and high stat value, having a unique and fantastic android application is a must. This is enough to clear a picture in your mind, that is “the rising demand and competition of android apps”. 

So, making an app is not just sufficient, you have to beat the competition by maintaining a good one for your users. If you do this, nobody can stop you from having a profitable android app. After all, everybody thinks of revenue in the end. And that’s why we have collected 8 best android app development tips to grow your business.

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8 Tips To Consider For A Successful Android App Development

Tips To Consider For A Successful Android App Development

1. Know Your Target User Well

What will be the use of your application if you don’t know your target audience well? 

Nothing….Right! Obviously, you are developing your app to help your customer to spot you easily.

Hence, one of the most suggested tips is to know well about your target user area. It is really crucial to identify your potential customers as you can’t have one application to meet the needs of all sorts of the public. 

We suggest you identify target users depending on some factors like:

  • Location
  • The age group for which you are targeting
  • Gender
  • Their likes and dislikes
  • Their income group

But now the question arises how will you identify the target audience?

The answer is very simple you can do it by taking surveys or putting some questions on special forums, or just knowing about the latest market trends. Just follow these points and you are ready to know about the desired user area.

2. Be Updated With Trends

The second suggestible point from our side is to stay up-to-date with the trends as it is the era of technological advancements. As you know, the technical world is changing rapidly, and the app market is a part of it. 

There is no need to make your android app with only the latest technology but the point is, you should update its latest trends. Also, the technology you are opting for should satisfy the requirements of your application development. 

By following the updated trends, you can easily beat your competitors. For example, these days trends in wearable technology, the rise of 5G, integration of Augmented reality, and virtual reality are going on. So, if you incorporate such latest trends into your application as per the requirement of your business. You can rise higher and higher rapidly. 

3. Do Well Android App Store Optimization

Launching your app on the android app store is not sufficient, its optimization as per the app store’s guidelines is equally necessary. If you want to make your application a hit among users, you have to follow proper marketing trends on the play store. 

ASO- App Store Optimization basically helps your app to be on the top of search results. For this, you have to follow some points:

  • Choose a relevant title
  • Write a good app description 
  • Maintain good reviews and ratings of your app
  • Avoid unnecessary variables and attributes

Your app’s performance and speed should be up to the mark to lure more and more customers. One more point to note here is that ASO is a part of app development. So, make sure to talk about it in advance with the development team. 

4. Have a Clear App Idea in Mind

One of the quick tips to have a good development process is app ideation. Even before starting the development process, it’s really important to clear the app idea in your mind. After clearing the ifs and buts of your mind, you will come to know if your idea is great or not.

You can say ideation is the foundation of the development process. Just make sure to clear every doubt at this stage if you want to make your application a success. You can ask some of the given questions to yourself to have a clear idea about this:

  • Whether your app idea is strong enough to beat the competition?
  • Will you be able to make some profit from this app idea?
  • Can your app solve customer problems on a professional level?
  • Does your idea really necessary to have an app?

After getting answers to such questions, you can go ahead with the development process. Also, you can consider your competitors and the problems they are facing on their platforms. This will help your idea to solve already existing problems in the market. 

5. Consider the Right Platform to Develop

If you want to make your app a huge success, then choosing the right platform to work on is a necessary step. There are mainly three types of this: Native apps, hybrid apps, and cross-platform apps. Choosing one of them is crucial as per your objectives and budget. Let’s read about them one by one:

i. Native Apps

You can create specific operating system (iOS, Android) apps with native platforms for different devices like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc. For this platform, developers have to work with different languages like Java and Kotlin.

With native apps, you can provide a high-level user experience and good animated applications to your customers. But these apps are more expensive to develop than other platforms. 

ii. Hybrid Apps

It is basically a mixture of native and web apps. Hybrid apps take very less effort to create because of awesome hybrid app development frameworks. Languages used under hybrid apps are CSS, Javascript, HTML, etc. These languages are mixed with native apps to give a native-like feel to the users. These are cheaper to develop but remember, you can’t get user experience of a native-like level.  

iii. Cross-platform Apps

Many people think that hybrid and cross-platform apps are the same, but they are not. Cross-platform applications are based on a point: ‘Code Once, Use Anywhere’. That means you can use the same code on different platforms like iOS and Android.

This directly means your efforts and the cost are reduced. But if you are thinking of a high-level UI, then you are wrong to choose cross-platform apps. However, they are famous in the present time because of frameworks like React Native and Flutter. 

As you have read, all of the given platforms have their positive and negative sides. That’s why you should be very clever to choose the right one for your android application. 

6. Do Proper Testing

Just ideation, development, and launch of the app are not sufficient. To beat the race, you have to regularly and properly test it. Testing the apps before their market launch is one of the most needed steps to make them successful. 

You can detect flaws, errors, inconsistencies, etc. with this tip. And also, there are chances that the appearance of the app looks different on different platforms. So, try to test it properly for your android platform. 

Testing should continue for the entire lifespan of the application. Make sure it properly addresses the concerns of the customers from time to time. With the arrival of updated devices and operating systems, testing is mandatory to do. Your application should support all the updated devices to properly work in them. 

7. Take Care of UI/UX

The user interface is one of the most important things through which your customer will communicate with you. And if this part is not appealing, then you may lose your sales. It can make or break your application’s success. 

You have to make sure that features are easily accessible to your customers. You should make the in-app features easier to follow. Display every important thing on the home page of the website properly. 

You should properly communicate with your UI designer to check on the app’s UI. chances of user engagement are high only if you have good UI/UX. 

8. Maintain a Secure and Safe App

Security is one of the major concerns for android applications. As per a survey, almost 40% of android apps have problems with high-threat vulnerabilities. And the most shocking part is, these threats evolve because of small deficiencies in the design of the app. 

It’s your responsibility to maintain the user’s personal information well to avoid any data breaching. If this happens in your application, then your customers may lose their faith in your brand. And once the faith is broken, it’s almost impossible to gain it again. 

Here are some of the common security threats that you may face as an android app owner:

  • Transmission
  • Insecure data storage
  • Incorrect session management
  • Leakage in authentication

So, try to avoid such loopholes and maintain proper data encryption to have a secure app. 

Closing Thoughts

Ending this blog with these most crucial android app development tips to follow. Apart from such steps, make sure to regularly update your application to make it a huge success. 

You know android app development services are a crowded place, try to choose the best development team to build your dream project. Take proper feedback from your users and try to improve their experience. By keeping in mind all such things, your online business can go a long way.

Happy Reading!

Author Bio:

Naveen is the marketing and product head at JoomDev. He loves to convert his ideas into reality by developing products to make your online business success with his WordPress plugins and android app development services.