The 5 Best Business Safes in 2023


Documents, assets, weapons, or even cash need to be kept in a reliable safe. Find the five best business safes in 2023. We give a complete review and rundown of each on our list.

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When you think of a safe, generally, you think of a big locked safe that protects either large sums of money or jewelry.

However, many different types of safes are designed to protect a wide range of items. For businesses, these safes are designed to protect sensitive documents and information, as well as other small valuables such as your valued games such as the novoline online.

Owning a business safe can help protect you when you least expect it. There are many types, which allow you to find one that suits your needs. The sizes can range from a small safe that is installed into your business to larger ones that are fire and waterproof.

On the off chance that something terrible happens, you can rest assured and know that your valuables haven’t been damaged. When you least expect it, disaster can strike, which is why you need to be prepared. We’ve already researched five of the best safes of 2023. All you need to do now is to read our safe review list.

5 Best Business Safes of 2023

1# Chubbsafes ProGuard 110k Eurograde 2 High-Security Safe

Black safe

The safe includes multiple types of high-security systems that enable your essential documents or values will be protected.

It does this through a high-security double bitted key lock, which can help defend against people who try and manually break-in.

Plus, the system also comes with an EN 1143-2 and AIS, which is the Association of Insurance Survivors. The safe is perfect for retailers who want to secure all of your essential possessions. This includes small electronic devices with sensitive data, jewelry that’s worth a lot, or even relevant documents that can’t be replaced.


  • High security
  • Prevents manual break-in
  • Perfect for retailers
  • Adjustable
  • Security key locking


  • Small interior

2# Phoenix Diamond Cash Deposit HS109KD

White safe

The Phoenix Diamond Cash Deposit HS109KD has been vigorously tested by the Official Police Security Initiative and bt the Association of Insurance surveyors. This ensures that your documents and other associated variables are well kept and safe. It’s one of the best safe for money and features secure deposits.

The Phoenix Diamond Cash Deposit HS109KD includes many beautiful benefits. The first one is a large lockable pull-out deposit drawer, which can help you store either small documents or cash. This allows you to open a separate drawer from the main compartment.

The Phoenix itself is perfect for larger companies due to its ability to hold up to $10,000 and has a protective warranty against it.


  • Certified
  • Extra Safe
  • Multiple ways to open
  • Perfect for larger businesses
  • Scratch-resistant


  • Not Fire Resistant

3# Chubbsafes Archive Fire Resistant Security Cabinet Size 640

Big safe

The Chubbsafes Archive Fire Resistant Security Cabinet Size 640 has been designed to hold a lot of large items and documents.

It features multiple cubbies and shelving units to help organize all your valuables while also keeping them protected. The paper document cubby meets JCQ storage regulations, which makes it one of the top tier business safes.

Besides that, it includes fully fire-resistant insulation, which is spread throughout the unit. The lining is mainly between the interior and exterior of the safe’s walls, which helps prevent any fire from sneaking its way in.

The addition of massive capacity at 640 liters, heavy-duty twin doors, and four adjustable shelves also make this unit stand out. 

Additionally, it features high security, which comes with a Class A tested key lock with backup protection.

The digital electronic lock is also reprogrammable in case you lose the physical key. Lastly, it can be bolted to a wall or pre-drilled into the ground to prevent burglars from moving it.


  • Large capacity
  • Reinforced exterior
  • Meets JCQ regulations
  • Fire resistant
  • Easy to keep organized


  • Digital electronics lock sold separately

4# Phoenix Datacare DS2002K Data Fire Safe

Weatherproof safe

The Phoenix Datacare DS2002K Data Fire Safe kit is a wonderful digital password safe and physical copies of important documents.

You can save a few different items, as it features two shelving units. The unit itself is one of the only fully waterproof safes on the market, ensuring that your documents will be protected at all times. 

The firewall that’s located between each wall is designed to withstand up to 90 minutes of heat at one time. This super ensures that all your essential documents and valuables are safe and secure. If you’re worried, the Phoenix does come with two high-quality key locks that can be replaced if needed.

Honestly, we’d only recommend this for those businesses that rely heavily on digital data. It’s designed to protect from data, devices, CD’s, etc, and can keep them protected for up to 90 minutes if something goes wrong.


  • Weatherproof
  • Reinforced walls
  • Multiple key options
  • Highly organizable


  • Small interior

5# Phoenix SS0996ED Cash Drop Safe

Small safe

The Phoenix SS0996ED is a unique small security safe which is geared towards protecting small amounts of cash. With its unique lockable features, it can easily prevent contents from being fished out of the safe. What makes this great for any business is that it includes a quick deposit mode where an employee doesn’t even need a key to deposit the cash.

Besides that, it comes with a keypad with an LED display. The lock can either be opened up via key or through the lock pads code. The safe itself includes state of the art steel plating surrounding the body, ensuring that it can be broken into. On the off chance that it is, the company provides insurance of up to 30,000 euros.

Located inside the storage is two upper and lower shelving units. The upper deck works well for handling coins or other small forms of currency, while the lower deck is ideal for small documents, checks, or cash.


  • Easy to use
  • Reinforced walls
  • Comes with insurance
  • Multiple shelving units


  • Not fireproof

Types of Business Safes

When it comes to business safes, it’s best to be educated on all the different types available. Each business safe has its specific functions, and some are only good for particular scenarios.

In this section, we’ll provide you a quick rundown of the different types so that you can find one that’s suitable for your business.

1# General Business Safes

General business safes are designed to keep your documents, valuables, and other assets from thieves. The way most of these functions is by blocking any reading device and prevents them physically from breaking in.

A vast majority of general safes come with keypads, alarms, and will only open their doors to the right codes.

If tampered, there will be an instant alarm and notification. As for installation, they can be drilled to walls or floors, but often don’t take up too much space.

They also include hardened exteriors that are useful for preventing against torches, tools and other means of breaking into the safe.

2# Fire Safes

A fire safe is perfect for small and large businesses than run the risk of having a fire set off. Losing all critical documents can be devastating for a company, which is why they need to be protected.

Fire safes include a lined interior that prevents the contents of the safe from reaching 350 degrees, which is burning temperature. While a fireproof safe for documents may still fail, it ultimately can protect the interior for up to a few hours, which should be long enough to retrieve the insides.

How to Choose the Right Business Safe?

Choosing a safe can be terrifying because there are so many different types available. However, we can help walk you through the process, so it isn’t that much of a daunting task.

First, you’ll need to consider the three we mentioned in the types of business safes. Which one of these types do you need? After that, you’ll need to choose an installation type:

1# Wall Safe

Wall safes will be installed into the wall of your building and can’t be moved from the premises without being uninstalled.

These are generally excellent for protection because thieves can’t just up and walk away with them. They can easily fit in most small areas and can be hidden upon request.

2# Floor Safe

These types can be installed into your business or home in the ground. They will either be dug down and installed under the floor, or they can be bolted to the floor, which prevents them from being moved. Yet again, this is good for deterring thieves from trying to move it.

3# Free Standing Safe

The last type is free-standing safes, which are the easiest to install because they can be placed anywhere. They come in a variety of different sizes and shapes, which allow you to customize it to your businesses needs truly. However, they can be picked up and moved, which can be a huge issue.


As a business, it’s essential to keep all your assets and documents safely sealed away. Loss of data due to weather issues, fires, or theft can cause drastic problems that can impact the longevity of your business.

We’ve worked hard to provide you a complete rundown of what types of safes are available. We hope at least one safe has caught your eye, but if not, please use our buying guide to help you select a different one.

What do you think of these products? Let us know in the comments!

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