Ensuring A Safe Organization Through The Implementation of EHS


A safe work environment should be the right of every employee. Ensuring that the work they do is safe, as well as the environment they are operating in. Ensuring the safety of your workforce can be quite an ordeal, depending on the size of the said workforce.

It can be costly, and difficult to set up an entire plan and/or program to kickstart your safety processes. However, Through the use of EHS software, this process can be majorly simplified.

EHS software can help companies to realize a safe environment through oversight of all activities. This type of software allows an organization to manage all safety-related topics into a single, centralized application. In this article, we will look at what an EHS is and why companies are adopting them at a fast pace.

What Does EHS Stand For?

Ensuring A Safe Organization Through The Implementation of EHS

EHS is an abbreviation for Environment Health and Safety, as could be derived from the introduction of this article. Employees of your organization can use this platform to share documents, metrics, tasks, and more topics that relate to safety.

For example, for an oil company, this could be the drill platform and corresponding activities, tasks, and security measurements.

By providing access for all employees present at the drill platform, incidents can be reported fast and effectively. Everything is managed and logged in a single place, improving the manageability of such a solution.

Why Are Companies Embracing This System?

There are many reasons to shift from the existing applications towards an integrated system. Not only the rationalization of applications plays a role. In lots of organizations, the processes are often scattered across applications and physical documentation.

Combining this in a single application results in a user-friendly application as well as increased efficiency.

The simplicity of having all different applications and documentation in one single system will help keep your affairs more organized and enables your company to prevent future cases of unsafety.

No More Paper

Paper has been a bottleneck for lots of companies nowadays. Having a paper sheet at one location makes it hard to analyze the effects on a broader scale. Therefore, it makes sense to digitize this for better insights across the organization.

An EHS system can help to transform processes in digitized ways to improve the engagement of employees as well as efficiency in general. Furthermore, this is not just ambitiously beneficial for your organization, but also increases your company’s progressiveness in society as it is greener and better for the environment by reducing the paper count.

This brings more than just the two benefits as you’ll create more positive publicity and become more environmentally friendly in the eyes of the consumer.

Real-Time Monitoring

The activities, incidents, and tasks are continuously monitored, allowing for a dashboard that shows all metrics. Management can easily be followed up, based on such a dashboard.

Next to that, the dashboard can be leveraged to increase safety continuously by the employees present at the location.

This means that you don’t have to bother with a small sense of anxiety of missing out on possible dangers because of an employee’s reluctance to fill out paperwork.

With an EHS system, these same employees can easily and efficiently note aspects of possible hazards and notify the concerned individuals that should know of this and can improve it.

Improved Audibility

Being able to comply with regulations is important in lots of industries, especially in construction, resources, and related industries.

By leveraging this application, organizations can increase audibility and make it easier to comply with rules and regulations across the globe.

As every employee has access to the tool, they can all be notified of any changes, any hazards, and/or any important situations with a simple click of a button.

Incident Management At Your Fingertips

Incident Management is an important element to combat potential threats to the safety of the organization. By allowing employees to easily log incidents in a single application, the company can follow up on these incidents faster.

Besides that, it can be tracked and stored for future reference and a Problem can be created if several incidents are alike.

By allowing the option to store previous data and easily access them through your dashboard, you’ll be able to create analyzed reports and see trends and correlations between accident reports.

Learn More About This Type of Application

Capptions is a leader in the field of EHS systems. They are active in a broad range of industries including resources and logistics.

Their website includes a lot of information on the use cases, functionalities, and potential of a system that monitors the safety of an organization.

Should you feel that your company could improve in safety and want to do this in a quick and efficient manner, then you should look into acquiring an EHS system.

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Author: Bijoy Hembram