Essential Strategies To Get the Most Out of Your OOH Advertising Budget


When thinking about ‘Out Of Home’ advertising, your budget plays a key role in the type and quantity of adverts you produce.

Here are four strategies to maximize your advertisements’ reach and get the most out of your budget.

5 Strategies To Get The Most Out of Your OOH Advertising Budget

Essential Strategies To Get the Most Out of Your OOH Advertising Budget

1. Identify Your Target Audience

One of the most important steps to launching an OOH advert is getting to know your target audience. You need to know everything about them to ensure your adverts reach them, from their interests to where to find them.

If you can discover the locations frequented by members of your audience, you can place adverts in that area and avoid wasting money putting up posters or billboards in places they won’t spot them.

Being aware of your audience’s interests will also benefit you, as you can tailor adverts to them. For example, if your audience cares about protecting the environment, you could use your adverts to highlight your commitment to sustainability.

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2. Consider the Most Effective Medium for Your Budget

It’s useful to think about which type of advert will have the most impact, whether it is within budget and, if not, what alternatives are available. You might think that a giant billboard in the city centre is a great way to grab people’s attention – but it might be out of your price range.

However, you still want large, eye-catching adverts, so you might consider a poster on a busy street or at a train station, where lots of people are sure to see it.

3. Find Out What Your Competitors Are Doing

When you want to get the most out of your budget, studying your competitors can be really helpful. Look at what they’re doing well – and what they’re not. For example, do their adverts use bright, colourful designs or humour?

If it works for them, it can also work for you. Likewise, if they have a very narrow target audience, you could advertise to people from a similar but wider demographic, expanding your reach.

Find out what people think of your competitors’ adverts. Are they too wordy? You can design adverts that focus on images. Are they easy to spot? Research their location and see if you could advertise in a similar area.

You should also make it clear in the advert how you are different from your competitors – ask yourself what you can do for your audience that they don’t.

4. Keep It Direct

You don’t want to waste money on an advert that doesn’t tell people what your business is all about. Make sure the important information – such as your company’s name, website and social media details – is clearly visible and not surrounded by other text.

Too many details can put people off, so don’t make your audience go searching for key information. Instead, tell them what they need to know as soon as they look at the advert.

Someone walking past in a hurry might not recall the whole advert later on, so try to make what they do remember relevant.

So, there you have just a few essential strategies that can help you to get the most out of your money with your next OOH advertising campaign.

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Author: Anees Saddique