Why PPC Advertising is a Lifeline To Your Business?


As businesses are shifting online, the need of acquiring new customers through advertisements is also increasing at a rapid pace. There are almost 1 billion websites on the internet and 40% are registered as a business website.

How are you going to attract customers in this hard competition? Although people are using different social media platforms such as Facebook that accounts for 81% of total advertisements in the US alone. But Facebook will not be enough for the small and medium enterprises.

Inbound marketing is a new trend in the market that allows you to design PPC advertising on Google AdWords. PPC stands for pay per click which means the rate you’re going to bid at for one click on your ad is the PPC rate for your advertisement.

Do you know? Around 17% of marketers are using PPC ads for big and small businesses for lead generation and converting their potential clients into actual buyers.

The advertising industry accounts for $22.8 billion only searching on mobile in the year 2020. Here are some prime reasons why PPC is a lifeline to your business?

Reasons Why PPC Advertising is a Lifeline To Your Business

Why PPC Advertising is a Lifeline To Your Business

How Does It Work?

What is so important in the PPC that makes it unique from Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms? It’s the appearance of the PPC ads in the search results. Once you successfully bid the CTR, your ad will appear among three results to your related content.

You can’t pay more for one click, it’s on the bid you made for a particular ad and then decided by Google whether they’re going to show your ad or someone else’s.

There are thousands of factors that let them decide to approve their bids in the auction. It’s an automated process and there’s no human interaction in the process.

Why Should You Use PPC?

One of the key reasons your business should invest in PPC advertising is to hit the exact person. 99% are the chances that the person who is searching for a particular term has a desire to buy your products and he is in search of it.

Through PPC, you can appear on the top of the search engine page and can be clicked by your potential clients. Not only this, that client will be turned into a lead and you can keep following them to generate sales from those advertisements.

This is one of the best sources to get a better understanding of the customer’s behavior and choice patterns. You may also get some suggestions in the future which can help you to rank your content organically as well.

Another key reason you should go with PPC advertising is that you can track the performances of the ads that include impressions, clicks, and total conversions against the ads.

The campaign analysis will help you in figuring out how you’re getting quality traffic against your spending on the PPC.

Final Words

In a nutshell, PPC advertising can be proved as a game-changer for the new business, start-ups, and entrepreneurs who’re struggling to rank their websites to the search results.


Author: Maria Hills