8 Dos And Don’ts For a Good PPC Landing Page


Every time you search for something on Google, several ads appear that are similar to your search. These ads are PPC ads and mostly offer something that is very promising.

How would you feel if you click on the ad and something irrelevant comes up? You’ll be irritated for sure. What most marketers forget is that they need a useful and relevant landing page matching the displayed ad. 

A landing page is that magic wand which converts a high percentage of traffic to leads or customers. But does this magic work with every PPC campaign

In this article, we’ll tell you all about this magic (must-haves in a landing page). 

What is a Landing Page?

Dos And Donts For a Good PPC Landing Page

Simply put, a landing page is a web page where users ‘land’ after clicking on a link from sources like blogs, PPC ads, social media, etc. Getting that ad click is the first half of a campaign. Landing pages are the second half of the campaign, responsible for displaying a broader picture of the information shown by the link.  

A landing page is developed with only one motive in mind, to get more leads or sales. That’s why a landing page should always contain information the user has come for.

An irrelevant landing page can be the most annoying thing for the user. But a well-crafted landing page is the most effective arrow in the lot. It makes sure that your ad doesn’t get lost in this vast digital world. 

Now let’s come back to the relationship between landing pages and PPC, and why is a PPC campaign useless without a relevant and well-optimised landing page? Below are some dos and don’ts for a PPC campaign launch for content providers.

8 Dos And Don’ts For a Good PPC Landing Page

1# Keep it simple

As mentioned above, the purpose of a landing page is to ‘convert’. Do not depend on a single landing page for multiple purposes, i.e. buying a product, promotion of a webinar, promotion of a blog post, submitting contact details, etc. Create multiple landing pages if needed for different agendas.

2# Don’t get distracted

A PPC ad usually offers something very promising to the user. The exact same message should be conveyed on the landing page as well.

For example, if a PPC ad says ‘Deal of the Day’, then the landing page should also go with the PPC ad, giving the user what was promised.

3# Be creative with the CTA

I must say that I really like creative CTAs. Sometimes, creative and catchy CTAs perform way better than a regular CTA that says ‘Submit’, ‘Download’, etc. Try to use some creative and funky words in your CTAs, and they might do the trick.  

4# Be a problem solver

Try to offer a solution to users’ problems. Use words that relate to a problem and provide a solution for the same in the landing page. For example, if a user is looking for a photographer in his town, a PPC campaign with a well-designed landing page might score! 

5# Minimal load time

Research shows that the users expect your landing page to load in 2 seconds. This means that you cannot do a lot in your landing page that’ll make it bulky. Don’t fill your landing page with a lot of details and images. 

6# Urgency

Create a feeling of urgency on your landing page. Words like ‘Complete your purchase in 15 mins to get an extra 10% off’ are likely to deliver.

Such messages convey that something is being offered to the user and if he is not quick enough, he is going to miss out on something awesome. 

7# Use Smart Forms

Avoid repetitive asking for the same information. Use smart forms to detect if the user has previously visited your landing page. This will help you avoid asking for the same information again. 

8# Take External Feedback

It is really important to know what others think about your landing page. Remember to take a feedback from your customers and from people outside your organization. 

Final Thoughts 

Using the best practices for your PPC landing page is a must because you are paying for ad clicks. The money spent is of no use if you do not use a landing page that goes hand in hand with your PPC ad.

There’s no need to stress about your PPC landing page. Always aim for the best and compete with yourself, try innovative ways to create an engaging page and beat your best figures. Think of some new ways in which you can convey your message that people find interesting and respond to it. 

There might be other ways which affect the performance of your PPC landing page but these are some basic pointers that will ensure that you’re on the right path to create a successful landing page for your PPC campaign.

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Author: Suzanne Elly