Amazon PPC: A Beginner’s Guide to Advertising on Amazon


Advertising on Amazon doesn’t require any particular skills. It is all about the product you choose and your product listing.

If you are new to Amazon PPC, this post will help you understand the basics of Amazon Sponsored Products Ads and how to approach it.

Let’s dive into it.

Amazon PPC: 5 Ways to Start Advertising on Amazon

Amazon PPC advertising

1# Set Goals 

Amazon customers are at the bottom of the sales funnel, ready to buy anytime. All they have to do is type the product name in the search box and pick the relevant one from the results. They don’t know what you have done to attract them.

Thus, as a seller, you need to determine the business goals that you want to achieve through Amazon PPC advertising.

Before creating an ad campaign, you need to determine whether you are trying to increase your brand visibility, clear inventory, improve sales of low-performing SKUs, garner more reviews, or drive sales of a new product.

Defining your goals upfront before you start the campaign will help you in structuring your ad campaigns and decide which product(s) to advertise.

2# Choose the Products You Want to Advertise 

This is an extremely important step to consider to perfect your Amazon PPC campaign. Only choose those product(s) that can help you meet the advertising goals that you have set in the first step. You need a product that is winning the Buy Box at the highest rate.

According to the experts, if your product is winning the Buy Box, say, at the highest rate of 90% or above, it is an ideal product for your Amazon PPC ad campaign.

In order to win the Buy Box, the product must be priced competitively and should be in stock. So, ensure your product’s pricing and availability at the time of advertising.

3# Use a Relevant Tool to Support your PPC Campaign Budget 

You might not know it at first, but as you get deep inside the advertising funnel, you will realize that you need some assistance to perform the tasks.

Some of the tasks related to Amazon advertising are repetitive yet important. You need a comprehensive tool that can take the load of your shoulders.

When we talk about an all-inclusive tool, SmartPPC is an Amazon PPC tool designed especially to help Amazon sellers and advertisers perform PPC campaigns without any hassle. With this quality PPC tool, you will be able to perform real-time budget management that will help you cut down your advertisement costs significantly.

It works in a way that it auto-shifts the budget from your less profitable ad campaigns to the more profitable campaigns.

Moreover, SmartPPC comes with automatic bidding optimization, where it automatically adjusts and optimizes your bids for maximum profitability.

Apart from the budget functionalities, this smart tool also offers automatic keyword sorting, a comprehensive diagnosis of your previous campaign data, and more.

4# Optimize your Product Listings 

Remember, the only role that Amazon PPC advertising plays is to bring potential customers to your product detail page.

Whether or not they will buy your product will entirely depend on your listing. A fully optimized product listing can help convert clicks into sales.

Amazon’s product listing can be categorized into several different components.

(i) Product Title

For most product categories, Amazon allows you the maximum product title length of 250 characters. Your product title should contain all the necessary information a buyer is looking for.

The format of the product title looks like this – Brand Name: Variant/Color/Flavor: Size/Quantity: Primary Keyword.

Consider the example – Adidas Red Size 12 Women’s Running Shoes. You have 250 characters to create an enthralling title.

(ii) Product Images

Buyers mostly rely on product images before making a buying decision. The quality of the photos used to display your product can influence the buying decision of the customers.

Always use high-quality photos and if possible, hire an experienced product photographer.

(iii) Key Product Features

You are given 1000 characters to best describe the key features of your product. Product features can persuade your customers to buy your product.

In this segment, you will have to describe all the primary features of your product with the use of relevant keywords in the mix.

(iv) Product Description

Product description gives you the opportunity to demonstrate why people should buy your product. You have to write a product description in the given 2000 characters.

Apart from these main components, you need to check your product details page to see whether it has hidden keywords, competitive pricing, product ratings, and product reviews.

5# Understand Sponsored Products Ads 

The Sponsored Products Ads appear directly in the organic or regular search results on Amazon. This is what makes them incredibly effective. In simple terms, Sponsored Products Ads allow advertisers to promote individual listings to customers as they are browsing and searching for products to buy.

It can help you amplify your product sales on Amazon.

  • Select the products you want to advertise and enter the relevant keywords
  • Your ads will emerge as sponsored products besides your search results (it will only appear if you have provided a competitive bid)
  • Buyers who click on your ad will be taken to your product detail page where your offer is listed
  • You only have to pay when your ad is clicked

What are the factors that affect Amazon PPC ad Placement? 

For a specific search term, if there is more than one relevant product, then it is obvious that you are competing for ad placement. If this is the case, there are two factors that will decide for the ad placement.

  1. Quality Factor: it is gauged by the likelihood of a potential customer clicking on it. This primarily takes the advertisement’s click history into account.
  2. Amazon CPC: if you are willing to put a higher bid, you might win Amazon CPC (cost per click). The higher the bid, the higher are the chances of your ad being placed.


While the Amazon PPC ad model is easy to understand, it might get complicated if you choose the wrong product to advertise.

It is important that you do your research and analyzes your product before you make any move. If you have any queries regarding this topic, feel free to contact us.

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