7 Ways in which Artificial Intelligence is Changing Social Media Marketing


There has been a lot of talk about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can change social media marketing. AI is when a device is given the power to gain knowledge and this knowledge can be utilised to appeal to the target audience.

Below, we explore seven ways AI is altering the face of social media marketing for good!

7 Ways Artificial Intelligence Changing Social Media Marketing

artificial intelligence is changing social media marketing

1# Creating and Curating Social Media Content

By using information gained through AI about content and data it is possible to create content especially tailored for service users. For example, Facebook’s algorithm has a form of AI that predicts what adverts and articles its users are most likely to click on.

Through this means, Facebook can provide articles and adverts especially curated for each individual’s own personal Facebook page. Furthermore, because of the abundance of platforms such as WordPress, that specialize in content that fits brands audience profiles, today, 20 percent of business media content is created by AI.

Through these means, social media creates and brings content to individuals that suits their individual interests and needs.

2# Email Marketing

Email marketing has always been one of the most effective ways of marketing to individuals. AI only serves to enhance its potential by personalising each customer’s email experience.

So, now, instead of merely guessing what the customer might like, AI can be utilised to personalize email content on the basis of the web pages the person has viewed, their social media, the videos they have watched, and even any links they have clicked on when responding to previous emails.

Evens the kinds of marketing emails the customer receives, such as whether they have a lot of written content or contain a lot of pictures and links, can be inspired by AI-generated information regarding the customer’s content preferences.

3# Localizing Content for New Markets

Information from social media can help business localize their brand through AI to suit the context of foreign markets.

Through an AI tool, it will soon be possible to feed information about the local context into an AI tool which would translate it to suit the local environment.

However, such an AI tool is yet to be developed. On the other hand, some serious breakthroughs are imminent as several AI technologies already available, including speech recognition, language processing and deep learning may aid the process of making foreign brands appealing in different national contexts.

4# Chatbots

It is now possible for consumers to interact directly with brands through messenger apps on social media such as Facebook messenger, which lead to a more personalized and convenient customer experience.

Such interactions allow brands to collect personal information that allow them to tailor future marketing campaigns and ways through which they can engage with their client base.

Also, through AI, companies can directly determine what the customer’s needs are. This allows the company to directly market to the customer more effectively than before.

5# Image Recognition Software

It is now possible for AI to use image recognition to gather insights into individual’s lives by screening the pictures they post on social media platforms.

Image recognition software is most commonly used on Facebook through the use of face recognition software that helps users tag their friends in photographs, but it is also useful for marketing purposes.

Through analyzing this data, they generate, they turn random data into a profile of what the individual wants and can use it to market directly to the target audience.

Businesses find this use of AI particularly useful, as survey data taken in 2018 indicates that 80 percent of marketers used images to enhance their public network marketing.

6# Influencer Marketing

Social media has given rise to an increasing number of social network influencers who have been hired by business to make their products and services increasingly visible on social media sites. According to Andrew Ortiz, a marketing specialist at Skillroads:

“Today marketing through influencers is one of the most effective product and service promotion strategies. This approach offers excellent ROI as compared to other marketing methods. Presently, for every dollar you spend on an influencer, you can expect to earn $11.69 in media regardless of your niche”

But the problem with influencer marketing is that marketers often experience difficulty picking out the right influencer for their brand.

AI can solve this problem by analysing big data to find what incentives can most draw in influencers and offer the best returns for the business involved.

It can also help companies find the influencers who are most likely to appeal to its target market and help the company achieve its marketing goals.

7# Social Listening Strategies (for Business)

Social listening strategies are an important AI tool that can be effectively utilised by businesses to reach their target audience on social media. Social listening involves tracking conversations that use particular words, phrases or refer to certain brands.

On the basis of that information, marketing opportunities on social media can then be identified. These insights then allow marketers to create content that appeals to its target audience.


As these examples show, it is clear that AI can is changing social media marketing, both to individuals and to business for good!

AI has the power to do this as it helps marketers understand how social media can be used to create the best content and to appeal to its target audience. So, for the 7 reasons outlined above, marketers need to get on to social media and engage with AI ASAP!

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