Why Social Media Marketing for Business Growth and Promotion


Modern-day marketing means establishing social media accounts on all relevant platforms. There are multiple benefits and, in some cases, it is the only way to reach some demographics.

Marketing with social media brings your product to the consumer faster and cheaper as social media platforms are free to use.

The reasons to use social media for your business are growing and making the world of social media more necessary for the overall health of the business.

7 Reasons To Use Social Media Marketing For Business Growth and Promotion

social media marketing business growth and promotion

1. Boosts Sales

Using social media is a surefire way to increase the awareness of your brand and the name of your business. Most businesses use sales funnels to direct their business information to the customer.

By creating your advertisement and making sure it appears on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages, it will create a direct link to your sales page.

By posting something on the best day to post on Instagram, it lets your clients know you are speaking directly to them.

The direct marketing approach makes sure that those that would be interested see your brand. The sales algorithms in social media platforms direct your sales funnel to people with profiles with similar interests.

For example, if you are selling a hiking backpack, those that express their love for hiking will see your brand represented on their pages and have the option of learning more about it.

2. Brand Promotion

Through your social media pages, you can promote your brand. It is a very easy way to get your brand out where people will see it and start to recognize it.

Brand recognition is one of the key things for growing your business after it starts; people will only need to see your brand to know what they will be getting from it.

3. Direct Customer Connection

Using social media for marketing your business will put you in direct contact with your customers.

Customers are curious and want to know about what you are offering them, and they can contact you through your links, rave about you on your Facebook page, and tweet about how great your business is. They are marketing your brand for you in this way.

4. Product Improvement Through Feedback

When customers contact you directly, quite often, it is to ask questions about what they need your product or service to do.

Getting this type of customer response is giving you information to improve your brand, service, marketing, and customer service without the need for surveying them. They will give it to you directly.

5. Grow Reputation

Social media helps you grow your reputation as a business and promotes your brand for free. As your page and ads get “liked” and linked to other pages, your presence expands to new people and networks.

Social media is like telling all your friends your latest news, which is what social media does. It connects you to anyone that “follows” you and your brand.

If you support causes and networks to those people that like the same things as you do, your name will spread through the social networking world and beyond.

6. Add the Human Angle to Brand Business

Businesses are not people. By placing yourself on social media platforms, you give people the right to talk to you; you also give them the right to criticize you.

The idea is to give people the right to choose their perspective when it comes to your brand. You are humanizing the business, letting your customers, clients, and the public at large know that behind the brand is a human too.

People don’t trust businesses. The motives of the business are suspect, and it’s hard to believe the business is there for the people and not itself.

You can use your social media pages and accounts to issue statements directly to the people following you. You will maintain a friendly and social presence.

7. Transparency

Being online through social media allows for a measure of transparency. Transparency is crucial for the long-term survival of the business and for getting it to grow. It helps show your customers that you have nothing to hide.

Social media pages are a requirement for the modern business to have. It speaks to the younger generations that have technology at their fingertips and don’t use the former methods of researching or communication.

Author: Jane Brown