Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Trends Useful For Every Entrepreneur And Their Business


It is proven that artificial intelligence (AI) is the next big thing for entrepreneurs in the coming decade at least. The big tech giants of the world are increasingly investing in technological advancements pertaining to AI.

Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Trends 2019

Top Artificial Intelligence Trends Useful For Every Entrepreneur And Their Business

Entrepreneurs are also making use of AI in a more prominent way now that creating AI software has become more user-friendly and more accessible.

AI-engines are operating in a new and innovative self-developed language which is aiding in making businesses more efficient and cost-effective.

While many experts believe that the operations of the artificial intelligence market are a risk to the employability of the world, others see it as a way of producing better skilled and vigilant employees.

Following are the ways AI is being used by entrepreneurs to improve their revenue models, client servicing and overall business:

1# AI Devices Are Using Chip-Based RAM

The Artificial Intelligence uses machine learning to come up with answers to user-generated questions. This is done based on what the software learns from the data inputs received from the user.

The predictions made from a pattern based on the input data before it begins to provide decisions pertaining to future work.

The operations carried out by the software requires sophisticated and customizable processors which can operate on heavy work with its digital brain.

As it is not guaranteed that increasing the RAM power can carry out the favored results of machine learning, the device uses an embedded chip.

This allows entrepreneurs to use AI devices which are less costly, more easily portable and those which operate on low maintenance.

2# Development Of Voice Command Ability

Voice searching is considered to be highly popular and one of the latest trends which have evolved domestic assistants such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa. It is predicted that entrepreneurs will be able to benefit from the gradual extinction of keyboards and cursors.

The innovation of the voice command skillset is also expected to make the touchscreen obsolete. According to experts, a major percentage of entrepreneurs use voice search daily. This is an impressive tool of AI software and is actively used by entrepreneurs in the developing as well as developed nations.

Whatever is said to the AI-powered devices gets stored and manipulated by the company servers for futuristic development.

Entrepreneurs have been preparing for it for more than a decade now and are increasingly giving dictations of MoMs (Minutes of the Meeting) to devices robust in NLU (Natural Language Understanding) technology.

Alexa (Amazon’s AI and Chatbot) is finding application in domestic as well as corporate setups for its multiple-brain (CPU) abilities to recognize speech.

3# Confluence of IoT (Internet of Things) and AI

The coming few decades will see a growth in the ways where the IoT will intersect with AI and various other layers of computing.

Many models which are trained in the public cloud will be put to the test. It is believed that the corporate internet of things is one of the best and most favorably fit solutions for the development of AI services.

The devices operating on the IoT technology are able to store decisions with a professional approach as well as a sharp analysis. These devices are able to help entrepreneurs in the supply chain business, for instance in predicting market dynamics through the processes and nuances of machine learning.

Startups and small companies are hence hiring human resources from AI development consulting firms so they can look into business operations as a whole in terms of data generation, storage, processing, and interpretation. All of this is expected to be carried out alongside the arrangement of funds.

4# Learning AI Tools and Techniques From Real and Experienced People

Learning AI and machine learning can be tedious, time-consuming, and finding subject experts in these fields is difficult. There is a rise in the number of organizations run by entrepreneurs who are taking organizational training in AI and ML.

The training models carry a connection of models which operate on cloud clusters. Usually, a web development company which professionally collects data and datasets conducts such training.

5# AI Reaches Offline Sphere

A common belief is that AI mines online data which is further sold to entrepreneurs and parallel stakeholder organizations to generate revenue. This type and nature of data are tabulated, collected, and stored in order to identify traits and patterns to further proceed with machine learning.

A major share of unstructured data remains offline. Unstructured data cannot be directly used as information as it is dependent on more variables.

However, unstructured data (such as user feedback in comments, telephonic conversations, competitor market scenario, etc) can be employed through complex algorithmic codes in order to filter out applicable information.

Unstructured data is not only considered to be a valuable factor in making changes to the resulting data interpretation but is also the most reliable source of information as there are negligible variables which exist in the online data.

In recent times, tech-giants, entrepreneurs and startup agencies have benefited from Artificial Intelligence and its emerging trends. Entrepreneurs across the globe are able to see the evolution of AI development services at a fast pace.

Businesses across the globe are making efforts to integrate AI with their internal operations. Big giants such as HP, Microsoft, and Google are making ground-breaking research and developments to help emerging businesses make applicable usage of AI tools and techniques.

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Author Bio: Ethan Scott