13 Advance Features of Android 9 Pie


The latest and the final version of Android, Android 9 Pie comes with numerous new features that will probably turn your phone into a super computer! Well, not quite. But, there’s no denying that Android 9 Pie is the hottest pie in town right now and everyone wants to explore it, most probably because it uses artificial intelligence.

Instead of making you fish around to understand the features of Android 9 Pie, we have listed them all here for your convenience. You can thank us towards the end.

13 Best Features of Android 9 Pie

Android 9 Pie

#1 Tailored according to what your preferences

Android 9 Pie truly makes your phone smart. It adjusts to the way you use your phone and improves your experience accordingly. So, whether it is the brightness or the battery, it will adjust everything to your requirements.

#2 It is all about gestures now

Do away with buttons and only use gestures to switch between apps so that you can move to the app you prefer with utmost ease. The new and improved intuitive navigation makes the whole process more natural than it ever was.

#3 It functions the way you want it to – without asking it to

App Actions is a superb feature in Android 9 Pie that predicts what you are going to do and makes that action easier. For example, when you plug your headphones in, the playlist will automatically appear on the front screen. Whatever is relevant to you at a point of time in an app, it will bring that up as well. For example, to book a cab if you search Uber or Lyft, you will know the ETAs to your frequently traveled locations instantly.

#4 Get Slices of your favorite apps

Slices is an interesting feature because it makes life so much easier! Each search on your Android 9 Pie powered phone will now be detailed so that you start taking quick decisions.

For example, when you want to book a cab and are searching for your favorite app to do so, the search result will include driver ETAs and prices to your favorite places such as Home and Work. How cool is that?

#5 Do you use the phone often? With Android 9 Pie you can check your usage

Understand which apps take up most of your time and find out how much you use your phone! Being aware is the first step towards controlled and productive usage!

#6 Time your app usage

The version also gives your phone an App Timer. You can set time limits for apps every day, and the phone will remind you that it is time to close the app. If this doesn’t keep your phone usage in check, we don’t know what will!

This is our favorite new feature. It starts reminding you of your limits as you get close to them and then turns the particular apps’ icons grey when you finally touch the limit. What a lovely way to keep all of us in check.

#7 There’s a significant improvement in the sound and volume

Media volume and ringer volume are now clearly separated. Also, you can adjust the sound to your liking in the Gear > Sound menu.

#8 Long Press for the Overview Mode

If you long press an Image on an Android 9 Pie phone, it will give you a number of options such as Share and Save. If you long press an Address or a Location, it will give you the option to navigate to the said location using Google Maps. Handy!

#9 Make your phone speak

The Select to Speak feature makes the phone read the text you selected. You just have to select the text using the camera (the camera has OCR support).

#10 You now have better security features

In view of the numerous privacy breaches we hear of on a regular basis these days, it is refreshing to know that Android 9 actually has worked on providing its users with better security.

For example, even if you grant an app to have access to your mic, the app doesn’t have access all the time. The access gets activated only when you are using the app.

#11 Select Dark Mode when you wish to

Earlier, the phone decided when to shift to Dark Mode. Now, you can make the decision.

#12 Make use of the Accessibility Menu

Accessibility features in Android were not what we would actually call “accessible.” Android 9 changes that! Use the Accessibility Menu and customize it according to your preferences.

#13 It is now easier to take screenshots!

Power Menu provides a brilliant shortcut to take screenshots now. You can also edit these screenshots before saving them onto your phone!

#14 Connect up to 5 Bluetooth devices!

In Oreo, you could connect only 2 Bluetooth devices. Need we say more?

#15 You can tell your phone not to disturb

Do away with interruptive calls and messages during your breaks or sleep time by enabling the Do Not Disturb mode. This will help you sleep peacefully without your phone buzzing away with unnecessary notifications. They can all wait. Sleep comes first, doesn’t it?

You can set the timings for Do Not Disturb and customize them along the way based on your requirements.

Android 9 Pie is loaded with so many features; even we are still exploring and marveling at just how much effort Google put into this masterpiece. It is extremely user-friendly, which we think must always be the priority. What do you think about this amazing version? Which is your favorite feature? Let us know in the Comments section!

Author Bio: Sharon Vaughn