Top 5 Home or Office Security Automation Tools


It’s no secret that security in home or office at a time when the level of crime is going up with each passing day. Modern surveillance, security and protection systems in offices can offer comprehensive security to homes and offices.

Many tools operate in automatic modes to warn individuals of unauthorized entry of people to your house/office, keep a close eye on all visitors & their data, control their flow, etc.

Therefore, all companies and homeowners must use security automation tools to ensure security to all people living/working in house/office. We have listed the top five home or office security automation tools here. Please see that.

5 Best Security Automation Tools


Top 5 Home or Office Security Automation Tools

Video surveillance in an apartment building or office is common these days. Unfavorable crime situation and the desire of tenants to protect their properties anyhow has resulted in the high demand for CCTV Surveillance Cameras.

Its careful use allows tenants to protect themselves from theft, track the illegal actions of uninvited guests in the entrances, increase the security level of their home up to a great extent.

The main task of a CCTV camera is to record everything that happens in the house. You can watch the recorded video from anywhere in the world on a PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet or other mobile devices. A good number of companies, businessmen, and entrepreneurs also use CCTV cameras to protect their enterprises.

It helps them to detect information leaks, monitor the performance of employees and ensure the safety of property and equipment. You must always keep in mind that Each CCTV system is equipped with numerous and additional functions. So, you must determine the structure of the video system before installing it in your house or office.

2. Intercom

Top 5 Home or Office Security Automation Tools

In simple words, an intercom Is an electrical device consisting of a call panel, internal panel, key device. Installing any model of an intercom will ensure that the entrance door is opened only by the property owner or persons living with him/her.

You can use an intercom with video surveillance for an apartment to make visual contact with the guest, automatically record videos and photos of guests, install additional spy cameras, etc.

Companies use it to restrict unauthorized entry to their premises and track the attendance of employees in an easy way.

3. Automated Control System

Top 5 Home or Office Security Automation Tools

Always keep in mind that cloud technologies allow you to optimize the financial component of the office in the case of full automation and a clear structure. Remote workers are allowed to access corporate mail from home computers, CRM office network and internal ERP complex.

All companies, entrepreneurs and managers must keep in mind that Automated virtual offices are popular all over the world because they help attract professionals from different countries to projects, optimize the costs of moving them to the right places.

Modern automated information technologies and management programs allow you to equip your workspace remotely, communicate with colleagues and clients regardless of their physical location, switch calls from fixed phones to computer numbers and turn on employee webcams to see what they do during work hours.

4. GPS Tracker

A GPS tracker is a device designed to receive and transmit data for the purpose of satellite monitoring the movement of an object on which it is installed permanently and connected to its onboard network. Always keep in mind that a large number of artificial satellites rotate in the orbit of our planet.

Navigation satellites were launched to emit a signal to Earth, where special GPS receivers can catch it. GPS tracker is a kind of GPS receiver, which After switching on, begins to capture the satellite signal.

This tool can be synchronized with the server to get real-time updates about the movements of objects. Companies use GPS tracker to over the movement of employees working outside the office (couriers, merchandisers, sales agents, etc.), etc. Apart from this, such a device is extremely necessary for tourists and car owners as using signals, one can easily find out their location.

5. Warning Bells

You must always remember that entrepreneurial activity in any sphere is associated with risks and threats. An alarm eliminates the likelihood of both internal and external attacks on a firm and prevents serious loses to the company.

It effectively performs its functions, such as to call the police or private guards in the event of an attack in the office or unauthorized entry.

Alarms are used in financial institutions, warehouses, private apartments, garage, etc, and alert employees in case of emergencies. The panic button allows you to call the police promptly & activate the evacuation alert system, fire extinguishing system, etc, simultaneously.

Modern Locks and Access Control Systems

Modern locks can be used in conjunction with the intercom to allow homeowners to carry out video monitoring of the area. This acts as a unified security system and provides its owner with the ability to remotely control the entrance to the house.

Such locks come with different access systems and can be opened with the help of smartphones, special trinkets, fingerprints, voice command and a secret word.

Final Words

The security of a company or house is very important these days. Just a single loophole is sufficient enough to give chances to thugs to break into your house/office and flee away with valuables. You should use these top 5 home/office security automation tools to monitor all activities & eliminate the chances of the occurring of unpleasant happenings.


Author Bio: Lisa Cooper works as a writer for Fixtel, an Australian owned and operated telecommunications offering Fibre Network Installations, Business Broadband Solutions, CCTV Cameras and Systems, Managed IT Services, Office Data Cabling Solutions, etc. She writes about various aspects of security Gadgets and Components of a Telecommunications System. When she manages to get away for more than 10 minutes, she will read books, travel or shoot photos.