6 Perfect Gift Ideas For Business Partners


With the holiday season quickly approaching, it’s high time we considered gifts for our business partners. From promotional presents to ski trips, we all appreciate being pampered and feeling taken care of, and business people are no exception. However, these kinds of gifts shouldn’t be limited to the holiday season only, but presented to your associates all year long. You don’t need to wait for a special occasion nor look for excuses – presents are always welcomed, and here’s a short list of various choices, suitable for all occasions.

6 Gift Ideas for Business Partners

6 Perfect Gift Ideas for Business Partners
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1. Books

Business people are typically well-educated and big fans of reading, which is why books might make them quite happy. Moreover, rare books are additionally valued – the first edition of their favorite novel, or a valuable set of complete works by their beloved author will definitely be a quite memorable gift.

Nevertheless, choosing the perfect title could turn out to be a tricky business, and settling for a wrong one could jeopardize your entire business partnership. Just imagine what your associates would think of you if you gave them Kim Kardashian’s autobiography or Fifty Shades of Grey! Hence, when choosing fiction, choose wisely and stick with the classics: Cervantes, Shakespeare, Salinger, Hemingway or Fitzgerald will do the trick. Alternatively, you can never go wrong with an influential business book!

2. Desk Signs

This may sound as an unusual gift at first – everyone usually gets their own desk sign, so who would want someone else to purchase it for them? – But it actually makes sense once you give it more thought. If your business partners have a sense of humor and don’t mind being the butt of a joke, a funny desk sign is the greatest gift out there. Made from wood, aluminum, plastic or even glass, these small pieces can feature various phrases, from “The Real Bo$$” to “I’m the CEO” and always bring a smile to your partner’s face.

On the other hand, if you’re dealing with people who take themselves more seriously, a personalized desk sign can be a sign of your appreciation and a way to show them how much you value your partnership.

3. Coffee Mugs

Business people lead stressful lives and require gallons of coffee to get them through the day. Due to that, they need proper coffee mugs and it’s not hard to understand why these might be one of the greatest ideas for a business gift – a mug will always remind your partners of you and show them that you want to become an integral part of their everyday life.

In addition to that, you could take personalized coffee mugs into consideration as well. These small pieces could feature your company logo and work as a marketing trick, too. Ultimately, coffee mugs will bring you together and strengthen your business relationship.

4. Wallets and Money Clips

Now, this is something that every business person will enjoy – since they all make tons of money, they have to find the best way to keep it with them. That’s why men never turn down a leather wallet, particularly elegant, professional, high quality pieces with a unique design. With enough slots for all their credit cards, you’ll make their lives much easier.

But, that’s not all – if you equip this present with a stainless steel money clip, you’re good to go! A lot of people, especially men in high positions, just love money clips that make their cash easy to reach, yet not entirely visible to the prying eyes.

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5. Unique Flowers

All ladies love flowers – this isn’t a stereotypical gender generalization, but a fact. Not all love all flowers, but all love some, and that’s something you need to remember when choosing gifts for the business women around you. Luckily, there are tons of options out there, and you can go with a mixed bouquet consisting of roses and irises, for example, or a peace lily that will turn every office into a piece of heaven.

Most of these flower arrangements come in a bud form, so they’re easy to transport, while some of them include a stylish pot or a basket, taking the entire presentation to the next level. If flowers aren’t your forte, get a corporate gift basket – or, even better, make one on your own!

6. Other Options

The world of business gifts is huge and all you need to do is find an individual approach to it. Some of the other most popular affordable gifts include paperweights, wine decanters, personalized notebooks and travel organizers. Don’t forget – just add a dash of creativity and your own touch to the process, and you’re good to go.