What is Hackathon And its Structure


What is Hackathon?

Hackathon is also called a hacking day. Basically it is an event where the programmers of computer and the other people who have an involvement in the development of software as well as hardware (that include the designers of graphics, the designers of interface, the managers of projects, etc.) are supposed to collaborate on the projects of software intensively.

On the event, there is an involvement of the components of hardware also. Hackathon generally continues for a single day to about seven days or so. Some of the Hackathons are such that they are just intended for the purposes of education as well as society.


However, in a lot of situations, the main goal is the creation of such software that can be used. Hackathon is used for having a particular focus that have chances to contain the programming language to be used, the system of operating (windows, etc.), any sort of application or a group of good programmers gathered demographically.

In some of the other situations, there is no any kind of limitation on the kind of software that is to be created.

History of Hackathon

The word “Hackathon” originates from two words, i.e. Hack and Marathon. Here the word Hack is used as a programming of exploratory type.

Hackathons started in the decade of 2000s and it became very famous. A large number of companies started viewing it on an increasing pace. Another happening was that some of the companies got established from such types of Hackathons.

Structure of Hackathon

The structure of Hackathon generally start with presentations that can be one or may be more about the specific occasion or any particular subject, if there is any.

After that some of the ideas are suggested from the people participating in the event and form different teams which are based on the interests and talents of the people individually.

When the main work of the event starts, it continues for some specified number of hours. For those special Hackathons that continue for twenty four fours or may be more (especially those in which there are arranged competitions), the process of providing food to the audience is oftentimes informal and mostly pizza and such stuff is served along with cold drinks.

Since the time is very long and people also have to sleep so the participants are also provided with some sleeping bags; it also lets them sleep in an informal way.

In the end of the event of a particular Hackathon, most of the times there are some of the demonstrations in which each of the participating groups are supposed to present the results that they deduce in the event.

At some of the times, there is some element related to the content; in it all the judges of the event choose the teams that won and give them prizes. A lot of the Hackathon events are such that the judges are supposed to be made of the sponsors as well as the organizers.

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