10 Highest Paying Jobs in Dubai For 2023


Dubai is known as one of the most highly populated cities in the world, but even with high population rate, it is also known as one of the wealthiest cities in the world.

So, every year, lots of people travel to Dubai because they know that there are countless opportunities to make money and especially if they are equipped with the high skills.

In you are also planning to do a job in Dubai, then must read this article because here I’ll tell you about 10 highest paying jobs in Dubai.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Dubai and UAE

Highest Paying Jobs in Dubai

10. Lawyers

Nowadays, lawyers are the most important part of each and every company, and they get these services to handle their legal matters.

The main duty of the lawyer is to counsel all legal agreements and legal contractual issues to make sure that the company is free from any legal liability. For this job, you must have a law degree and a minimum of 7-8 years’ experience.

Average Monthly Salary: DH 60,000 to DH 100,000

9. Doctors

Doctor’s job is in high demand in all over the world, and of course also in Dubai, so we can’t ignore this job while writing about the highest paid job in Dubai.

In this field, there are many lines to choose from such as child specialists, neurologists, vascular surgeons and much more. To get this highly paid job in Dubai, you must need a doctorate and also 5-6 years’ experience.

Average Monthly Salary: DH 80,000 to DH 100,000

8. Private Banker

Private banker’s job is a very amazing job not just because of high salaries but also because of the freedom that banker can work in his/her style. They are known as one of the richest people in the world with the freedom of work.

Average Monthly Salary: DH 80,000 to DH 1,020,000

7. Human Resource Manager

If you have just completed your studies and looking for a high paying jobs in Dubai for fresher, then you should think about to become a human recourse manager.

This post is highly demand in Dubai, and people are earning a handsome amount of money with it. To get this job in a reputable company, your academic specialization should be in HR.

Average Monthly Salary: DH 60,000 to DH 90,000

6. Investment Consultant

Dubai is one of the richest countries in the world, and people want to invest their money in such a business to get huge profits. And for this purpose, people hire investment consultant to choose the right way to invest their money.

Average Monthly Salary: DH 85,000 to DH 100,000

5. Construction Director

Construction Director post is one of the most famous jobs in Dubai, and people are enjoying huge salaries in this field. The main responsibilities of a construction director are to coordinate, estimate budget and plan the range of construction project.

Average Monthly Salary: DH 70,000 to DH 100,000

4. Procure specialists

Dubai has about 7% of the world oil reserves, and the industry is working as a backbone in the country’s economy. So if you want to get highly paying jobs in Dubai, then you can also think to become a procure specialists.

Average Monthly Salary: DH 60,000 to DH 80,000

3. Chief Marketing Officers

In the list of top 10 highest paying jobs in Dubai, at first, I’ll tell you about the position of Chief Marketing Officers, and for this job, you must have a minimum qualification of master’s degrees in sales and marketing.

The main role of the Chief Marketing Officers is to improve the brand by managing the marketing operation of the company. These days, marketing jobs are in high demand in Dubai.

Average Monthly Salary: DH 80,000 to DH 90,000

2. Teaching

Teaching is also a good job to do in Dubai because teachers in Dubai are earning a good amount of money. You may earn even high salaries depending on your experience and qualification.

Average Monthly Salary: DH 20,000 to DH 80,000

1. Restaurant General Managers

While thinking about the best highest paying jobs in Dubai, you can also to work as a general manager of Restaurant. The job of the general manager is to manage the whole working of a restaurant such as manage staff, control budget and much more.

Average Monthly Salary: DH 25,000 to DH 70,000


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