How will Technology Change in the Future


We have seen new innovations every day. Be it a rocket successfully made in less cost or the introduction of new drugs to combat deadly diseases.

Scientists all over the world in various niches are working day and night to make this world a better place for everyone to survive.

How will Technology Change in the Future

Technology that we see today has evolved what it was five decades ago. We have now shifted to smartphones from landlines, laptops from huge PC and much more. With new research, there are possibilities of multiple ways in which existing technology will change.

To give you an idea and the future technology possibilities, I have compiled a list of technologies that will see a significant change in the upcoming years.

 1# Healthcare

The first field to see new technology and innovations in the area of healthcare. The scientists have mapped the human genome and are now working on DNA engineering. This human genome mapping will help in eradicating the mutated genes or duplicate genes from the DNA.

Removing these genes will aid in preventing genetic diseases. Scientists are also working to develop more targeted and effective drugs for fighting cancer. By 2025 we can expect safer and functional drugs to treat cancer.

Type-I Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases might be eradicated from the world as there is a lot of research going to identify the genes causing these diseases. These genes shall be removed or engineered to avoid these diseases.

In a nutshell, there are better drugs, diagnosis and treatments coming up for some diseases.

 2# Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence is changing social media marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a major success in the past decade. The robots are designed using computer programs and code resembling human intelligence. Multimillionaire companies like Google, Apple and Amazon are already using this technology as their assistants like Siri, Alexa, etc.

AI is yet to see more development and new robotic technology. Don’t be surprised if you see robots working in your company soon or greeting you at other places.

With the help of different techniques, AI might be able to change the experience of workspaces and industrial fields by making everything robot operated.

3# Renewable Sources of Energy

New Innovations in Developing Renewable Energy Technologies

 We are already using solar energy in many industrial and residential areas. This source of energy will see more development and functionality in the future. Researchers are working towards getting more options for renewable sources of energy.

The new innovations might include batteries charged by solar energy. The companies such as Tesla have already launched their solar tiles for houses that can be fitted in the roofs. Many companies are now working towards solar panels for car roofs, devices and much more.

Innovations in conserving this energy and then using it optimally are definitely going to change the existing technology. These sources will help in saving the world from the exhaustion of non-renewable sources of energy.

Solar batteries driven vehicles might be a thing by 2050. These energy sources will also help in reducing pollution and making the environment sustainable. Be ready to witness the technology that is not only safer but also cost-effective and eco-friendly.

4# Self-driven Cars

The researchers are working to introduce self-driven or autonomous driving cars by 2040. With the new development of technology in AI and robots, you might be able to get your hands on the self-driven vehicles pretty soon.

These driverless cars will also be connected via the internet to inform the user as well as the passengers. The technology can also be further able to update about the weather and traffic. Autonomous cars will be the first innovation of new tech transport which will change our transport sectors.

Google and Apple are using AI for some of the features for GPS and maps.

5# Blockchain

Top 5 Reasons Blockchain adoption will grow in 2018

Blockchain is one of the technologies that already took the world by storm. It is the newest technology used for transmitting, storing and decentralizing data. It is, however, wrongly confused with Bitcoin.

Well, it is not the case. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that uses the Blockchain for tracing transactions as it has its own encrypted code. Hence, Blockchain is not a cryptocurrency but is used to store the data across the world in a way that the information cannot be altered.

This technology might develop further with the help of AI that can help transfer currency, shares, bonds, securities, etc.

6# Food Technology

How about getting your food designed in the lab? Sounds cool, right! The new methods and technologies might help to develop the meat in the lab.

It will be competent to prevent the problems arising due to a decrease in biodiversity and food chain disturbance.

Apart from meat, 3D printers are coming up that can print the food that you want. Many companies are building 3D printers for printing the entire meal in one go.

Here, we are dreaming about getting a pizza in less than 30 minutes and who knows we might be able to print it on our own one day.

7# Virtual & Augmented Reality

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The world has already witnessed the power of virtual reality. One can have a realistic experience for gaming and other areas by wearing a VR set. The VR creates a 3D virtual reality for the user to interact.

Augmented reality or AR is different from VR as it uses real things to display images, texts, numbers, etc in 2D and 3D. This reality will be interactive too, just like the VR. Many companies are working towards the amalgamation of both these technologies.

This will give real experience for virtual elements and will also augment digital information for providing more details and report to the users.

The superposition of both realities can be helpful for virtual meetings, track the development of new products and much more.

Concluding Remarks

Apart from the above-stated ways, be ready to embrace the 3D printed organs and organisms. Doctors and scientists are already working for developing 3D printed hearts, brain and much more.

The introduction of new technology might seem out of the box right now, but these will change our lives in a better way. Right from cutting down the food shortage to alternatives for conventional energy sources, we are marching towards a better world and a better lifestyle.

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