How To Give Customers An In Store Demonstration


Store demonstration allows companies to promote their products as it is a great market tool for CPG brands. In this article, we will share tips on how to give customers an in store demonstration.

3 Ways To Give Customers An in Store Demonstration

Giving Customers An In Store Demonstration

1. Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

People need to know what they are getting themselves into when they decide to purchase something and there are some categories of product that absolutely necessitate an intervention on behalf of the store employees so that folks can be assisted.

In addition to inspiring trust in the person who is ready to buy, it also helps that person understand exactly how best to use the item so that they get the best out of it, without making any mistakes, wasting product or wasting time.

People need to have that confidence when they walk out of the store because they need to be sure that they did not waste their money on your product or services, because otherwise you could experience returns or refunds being requested.

You know how old people always say stuff like “Seeing is believing” and “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and other such adages that inspire you to take confidence and respite in their own ability to witness something?

Yes, those analyses hold water and ring true in the grand scheme of things because it can help you build your brand considerably. You get the opportunity to learn more online when you go home, but when you are in the store, you should get the chance to receive as much information as you can from your store employees that have more experience with the brand they are looking to push. So in this way, their brands are being increased and the awareness of the company and business is getting more eyes on its existence.

2. Connecting With People And Teaching

The thing is, we are all sick and tired of marketing that is trying to reach us on our phones and it is not actually connecting with folks. People are sick of pop up ads on their mobiles and they are used to just clicking the X they see, hoping to get past the experience of only using their eyes and fingers.

But in person, you can connect with someone’s sense of smell if you are selling baked goods or other food items and that wafting deliciousness will excite that sense. If you are purchasing makeup, you absolutely need to see someone demonstrate the use of the item if you are unfamiliar with it, especially green eyeshadow.

Everyone who loves makeup knows that green eyeshadow is by far the hardest to produce in such a way that it does not have patches and holes, so you have to see it swatched before your very eyes.

So you have to know what things loo, feel, smell and taste like if you are able to access those senses in person because it will help you get a more full understanding of exactly what you are getting yourself into through your potential purchase. And guess what?

Your customer can give you immediate feedback if your green eyeshadow is swatching in a patchy manner and creating holes and gaps, so much so that you will have to build the color in order to create the look you are trying to achieve.

If it is not actually doing the best it can do, your client or customer can immediately, through an in store demonstration, let you know exactly what is wrong with your product or service so that you do not waste any more time trying to make it work and you can instead focus on improvement.

Giving Customers An In Store Demonstration 2

3. Showing And Telling Is Better

For all you know, your products and services are behind the times and you are actually late to the market with what you are looking for specifically. Something might be already on the market and your potential client base can let you know immediately if something is actually not needed.

That way, you can liquidate your inventory almost immediately so that way you are not wasting any more time and effort on something that your potential client base is simply not interested in. People will show you that they are engaged if they are, and if they are not, they will also let you know that you are barking up the wrong tree, as it were, when trying to market to them.

In this way, you can take a lot of the nerves and anxiety out of the process because you can get the immediate feedback that you need by having those in person interactions. During the pandemic, we had a hard time making a lot of those connections (Product Demonstration) because we were stuck at home, only interacting over mobile devices and computers.

So the chance to have that in person interaction is really impactful for a lot of folks because they have been so behind in giving that type of energy to one another. So book yourself a demonstration today!

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Author: Matt Ledesma