Keys To Writing An Invoice


Invoicing is an important aspect of every business. After a product or service is delivered, the seller sends an invoice to the buyer, showing how much they owe them and other relevant information. When filled out well and on time, you are likely to be paid for your goods or services within the required time.

Unfortunately, though, many people delay their invoicing process. This, in return, delays the payment period of their goods and services, which can have a significant impact on the overall revenue collection process of the business. To avoid such, it’s imperative that you write your invoice on time.

A blank invoice template is a good place to start if you are looking to create your invoices for your business or the services you offer. There are many places to get a blank invoice template, along with other types of fillable PDF forms that are essential to any business like income statements, monthly budget statements, and project proposals.

Once you find the perfect invoice template, you’ll need to fill out the right business information and the amount to be paid. Remember, you’ll also need to include the value added tax in the calculation. You can use a VAT calculator when you do your computations. Are you interested in learning more about the key steps in writing an invoice? Keep reading this article to learn more.

What is an Invoice?

Keys To Writing An Invoice

An invoice is a simple document detailing the goods or services that have been bought and sold between two parties. The invoice also details information like the amount paid for said goods and services or, conversely, the amount owed that has yet to be paid.

Invoices also contain information like the date of the translation, the name of the seller/buyer, and the tax information of each party.

Invoices are typical for transactions between a customer and a vendor. Customers can send invoices to vendors and vice-versa, but the invoice is more a record of that transaction taking place. Not all invoices are payable upon receipt and some even note a period for which the debt can be paid.

Given their ubiquity in the business world, invoice templates are everywhere and can even be generated automatically on some sites.

A simple invoice template is not hard to find, but it may not always contain all the information needed to be included. For these reasons, many users turn to fillable PDF forms and other bill templates to customize their invoices.

How to Create an Invoice: Step-by-Step

Creating an invoice is easy, but there may come a time when the simple invoice templates out there will not be enough. The same template invoice that a company uses for one client may not suit another, different type of transaction, which makes it necessary to make changes to that standard invoice template.

A blank invoice template is often the best place to start because users can add elements they need and do not have to edit out other information.

A blank invoice template, however, should be the starting point for making your template, but it should be changed to reflect a more professional and business-oriented culture in your company.

Users can add things like:

  • Company name or logo
  • Dates of all important transactions
  • The correct amounts owed/paid, etc.
  • The agreed-upon terms of payment
  • VAT and other tax information

To include these elements, users may need to download an invoice template from an online database of fillable PDF forms.

Once they have selected a template that more or less suits their needs, users can then open the PDF form in the PDF editor to make the necessary changes. They can make the invoice contain more information, as well as add design elements intended to make the document look more official.

Download Your Free Invoice Template

There are dozens of sites that can automatically generate an invoice based on the data set that you input, but the result may be lacking in some areas. Every business should attach a unique identification number to the invoice so that there is no confusion as to when or to whom the invoice was issued.

This feature is not something usually done by invoice template sites. This is why it is important to download a blank invoice template from a program that offers both basic invoice templates, but also the ability to edit or alter them if necessary.

Lumin PDF is one such program. It not only gives subscribers and free users access to their wide-ranging templates database, but it also gives users the ability to add or remove certain fields and information.

Invoices are not the only document types in their database. Users will find every type of conceivable document format in their database from invitations and diplomas to payment receipt templates and simple receipt templates.

What’s more, once they have found their ideal template, the tool also gives users the power to change them into something more germane.


Invoicing is a crucial part of any business, especially those offering field services. Writing an invoice to your clients on time means you’ll be paid within the required timelines. Whether you opt for offline or online billing, the importance of properly filling out your invoices cannot be understated. The information provided in this article will come in handy the next time you plan to receive your payments on time.

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Author: Anna Koretskaya