The Ultimate Guide on How to Make Money Blogging


Majority of us want to earn well. Of course, who would have refused to get some money, for example, $ 1000 a month from a blog? New blogs start making money not at once. After some time, guaranteed income starts appearing from blogging. This time is different in any case.

Strategy in Blogging

Most of the bloggers have no plan. For example, somebody has started his blog and writing articles. He has to do the internal optimization, external one, promote his web-resource and start making money. Of course, that’s good, but what and how much it all may cost — how can he know?

How to make money blogging in 2017
Make Money Blogging Tips

Have you created the plan for the promotion and monetization of your blog? Many of beginner bloggers are saying, “Yes, I have a plan.” It’s not enough. You can have a lot of plans, but it is not enough for today indeed! You should make a strategy for the future. The strategy is not in the sense that you need to monetize your blog, but regarding an objection to the use of people.

1. The meaning behind the word “Strategy”?

It ways to recognize and understand the purpose of your blog, to understand and be aware of your “child’s” benefit and bring value to visitors. When trying to make all the money in the world, then, probably, you will fail, because since you want to earn, you need to give people the benefit, and not just to write interesting articles.

Once you realize it, you should pick up a pen, put down the paper and begin to write a detailed plan for the development of your blog. Your plan can be, for example, about how to teach absolutely anyone to make money blogging on the Internet, in particular through the blog.

2. Benefits

The primary task is to create a web-resource to make it of such demand and quality to make people visit it and finding there useful information (even kettles). It should be a portal where they can learn to earn on the Internet, but it should take not much time, and they will be able to withdraw real money from the ATMs of the city — the money they earned on their own.

The strategy has only just begun; you have to create a lot of useful and exciting content. Note, the site should be filled with a lot of helpful information. So, there is much to do.

3. Questioning

Is there a strategy in your life? If so, what kind? What mission is to fulfill your blog? Every blog should have its defined mission. Suppose that a man has created a website on the cooking subject should have a lot of valuable information on the relevant issue.

To anyone who is interested in food and cooking is hitting on familiar blogs — have you noticed that? Absolutely! I’ve seen on such websites that all that visitors want to prepare delicious meals so that their families were not hungry.

If the theme of the website is about construction, accordingly, there should be a lot of beneficial information on the building topic; about health — a lot of valuable information about healthy lifestyle, etc.

Of course, I understand that on the issues of health, cooking and construction is impossible to cover everything, but still you need to try to make a section of the blog, which will completely solve the visitors’ problems, will be providing answers to the readers’ questions.

Mistakes of the Beginner Bloggers

Usually, beginners cease to conduct their web-resource after a couple of months. Perhaps, vast majority throw their blogs because the lack of time, or they are bored. While others fall under the filters of search engines, the passive part of webmasters is throwing their blogs without solving the problem. Bloggers who have no patience are (which is imperative) simply merge; in other words, they give up.

The problem lies behind the absence of the strategy for profits, in a not sober assessment of the prospects for the future life of the blog, in the absence of particular mission. Let’s start with the topic. Take the example of contextual advertising. So, if you have advertising revenue of 6000 per month with the attendance of 4 000 unique visitors per day, on the culinary theme these 6 000 per month do not work — there are different numbers. Although much depends on where contextual advertising is.

You can earn on advertising like Google AdSens, Yandex Direct, etc. Today, you can make a lot of money on the Internet, no matter what is your blog about, and what subjects is discussed — you can earn enough money, but you should have a strategy and set own goals using contextual advertising, banners, links sale, posting articles, affiliate programs, etc.

About Make Money Blogging Posts

It would be high if you could make more than one of the sections I’ve told just now. For example, let’s consider the theme construction. The section will be called “How to Make Repairs in Apartment without Calling a Master.” Those people who want to make repairs to their apartments alone are in a large quantity. So, teach them to handle it by themselves in your blog.

1. How to Blog

Make a partition and write a few posts on this topic, and, finally, show what do you have in this section and explain people the order they should read your articles to do quality repairs on the highest level in apartments. To ease the hard work of writing and separately publishing, new technologies implemented in up-to-date text editors (e.g. Write! App or Ulysses) give you an option of direct publishing. If you do not know the construction issue at the appropriative level, the theme is still a quite profitable. That’s the way of correct blogging — not just to write articles in the spread, but solve people’s problems, give them proper advices on What? How? When?

Write to spread can almost everyone, but to make a plan and write articles about useful things, not everybody can. You should probably know that when you start to read in the spread, you have a “porridge” in the head. Therefore, you should create the necessary section, which will teach a person and avoid or get out of this problem. I have a mission in blogging, and do you have it? I bet that 99% of bloggers do not have it.

Your objective in blogging is conducting the site that will bring people the maximum benefit, a website that will solve their problems. This resource will bring you a lot of money!

2. Do You Want me to Tell You the Truth?

As long as your web-resource has not become familiar, you haven’t got a great audience, a lot of subscribers, you shouldn’t expect for substantial earnings. The meaning “big money” is relative, of course, but I want to note that when you start earning even the amount which now seems to be large reaching it, it would be small, and you will want to have more.

What is important to say as a conclusion to this post — you can make money on any subject: cooking, building, SEO, sports, and many more. But all earnings will be different, they will be directly related to the efforts spent.

Let’s pretend that your life has become super popular, you have a large attendance, gathered a vast audience, you have, for example, 20 000 subscribers. You’ll be making enough money, the advertisers will be reaching for you directly (this is for sure), but still it will not be the money that you can earn by selling your talent… That is another story.

Author:  Hi, I am David Jameson, a passionate freelance writer and an avid blogger. I like to help people become more successful and productive writers through my blog about writing on Medium. My motto is “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect”