Robot Playing The Role of A Garbage Man


2016 is coming with several tech inventions. Numbers of tech trends are already revealed in major media houses. In all of these trends, ROAR “robot garbage man” is becoming a viral stuff on internet.

There are some robots that are considered to be greatly efficient and have wheels with them. There are chances for them to start hauling the trash around you very soon.

The students and teachers in the universities of the United States of America as well as Sweden are manufacturing very useful types of bots that will have the capability for moving around you in our neighborhood and you will see them picking up the garbage and trash in the trucks for garbage. The trucks will also be controlled by some robotic systems.

This specific project has got a special name called ROAR. ROAR basically stands for Robot based Autonomous Refuse.

Robot Playing The Role of A Garbage Man

Robot Garbage Man
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There is also a possibility for it to be having some of the workers related to sanitation; however, it is not mandatory.

The invention is going to be a blessing for the drivers of trucks as well as the workers who are supposed to pick up the garbage can and empty them manually. Now they would just have to do the work with the curb and pull it up and the remaining work is to be done by the bots.

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The bots are supposed to be controlled by the drivers and they have to make use of an operating system which is on-board. They do not have to do any of the heavy works like lifting and stuff. For bringing the Robot based Autonomous Refuse to life, the roboticists have been recruited from a university in Sweden.

The students in the university will assist in both designing as well as building the robots that are able to move continuously and move with efficiency from one house to another and picking up the garbage. Since some of the bins of garbage can be heavy weighted, so the bots are supposed to be strong enough for picking them up.

There is another university in Sweden the students of which will continue working on the operating system to be used in the technology of ROAR.

The professors of the universities in the United States of America as well as Sweden are appreciating the students in doing their work for developing the robot garbage man. They are also helping the students in resolving the problems coming in their way for developing their new technology. They are giving them the courage for dealing with all the incoming troubles.

In one of the universities of the United States of America, the students are supposed to design the system of the robots virtually and also the control panel that can be required by the drivers of the truck for keeping the tabs on the bots of trash.

Management of Waste

There is a Swedish company named Renova; it deals with the management of waste and will start developing the truck for garbage that will be able to accommodate the system that is automated and will be carrying around the bots when they are not supposed to haul the trash. The project will be ready in the month of June in the year 2016.