Save Money by Avoiding Dental Supply Houses and Reps


I am not the type of guy who buys dental products from dental supply houses or reps and doesn’t get me wrong. It’s nothing personal: it’s not that I resent them or that I have any dislike for dealing with third parties, no. The reason is simple really; I understand how they work and I feel it isn’t the way to do things in this period in time.

Today, and with many aspects of the game-changing really fast, it is time manufacturers looked for better ways to get their products directly to the consumers.

Instead of using models that have been washed out with time and technology, they should focus more on embracing the futuristic ideas and business models that are convenient to the consumer.

Old Model Vs New Model

So, what actually goes on behind the curtain when you buy dental products from supply houses and reps?

Take a look at some of the best brands in different industries today (including dental care), do you see anyone who sells their products through suppliers (supply houses), retailers, merchandisers (representatives), and down to the consumer?

No. I bet you got that right. That is the old model of selling and one that technology has surpassed. In the current world, the customer doesn’t have to pay additional costs that trickle down from the supplier’s expenses to retailer’s transportation cost which sends the final price of the product up to the roof.

Instead, they only need to have their phones, access the manufacturer’s website, and add the type of product that they need to their cart.

In this new model, the customer/ consumer only gets to pay the manufacturer and the possibly the shipping fee: which means less money spent.

How It Relates to Dental Care Products

Like any other products, dental care products that sell via supply stores and sales reps still use the old selling model.

Their products will pay through numerous hands before they get to the consumer and this will mean that every middleman that helps to get the product closer to the consumer will have to get their cut.

The easy way to do that is to throw in a few extra dollars on top of the original price that they got the product for from subsequent sellers.

Take a look at this simple diagram to understand how the model works

dental supply houses 1

At the end of it all, the final cost is usually borne by the consumer. Consumer pays all the additional costs that trickle down from the manufacturer. Too bad, but that’s how buying your prophy paste from a supply store will hurt your coffers.

The Best Solution

Thankfully, we are in the AI age; a time when technology is running almost everything that we do. Today, we breathe, eat, and live technology.

We open the gates to our homes remotely, store our data in the cloud, use POS systems in companies, and buy even the most basic foodstuffs through the internet. I must admit it kind of looks like a bad habit but in reality, it’s the way to go from now.

Today’s Consumer: Direct to Customer Model

Today’s consumer understands what a powerful tool they have in technology. With over half the world’s population owning smartphones, any manufacturer of dental products who still wants to sell in analog should think twice.

Phones and technology have given birth to a new model of selling called the “direct to customer” sales model.

It is a selling method where manufacturers of any product including dental products can easily have direct contact with their customers and sell to them directly without engaging any middlemen at all. Such models include the E-Commerce Sales Model.

Dental product manufacturers who use such a model provide the consumer with a direct ticket of accessing their products.

Consumers often use their phones and other smart devices including tablets and laptops to access manufacturer websites. By doing this they are able to purchase dental products online and save lots of money by doing so.

Here is a simple explanation

dental supply houses 2


Compared to the very first model, in a Direct-To-Consumer Sales Model, the consumer settles only a one-way fee which is usually the original buying price of the dental product that they have chosen to purchase.

In short, this method is trimming the fat from the supply chain by selling dental products direct to the customer anytime they choose to buy.

Advantages to the Consumer

You must have noted the major advantage that you will have as a consumer by now. It is simple really. You will get the most affordable dental products of all time. Thanks to the many fees that will be blown off your radar when purchasing dental products.

Simple offers like money back guarantee will also become much more realistic. Since you don’t have to go back the channel of middlemen to get the money. Instead, you can contact the manufacturer directly and get your offers in time if the need arises.

Nonetheless, there will be real-time manufacturer-consumer interaction. This makes engagements really easy and consumers can get their concerns addressed spontaneously. It will save time and also offer solution straight up from the main guy.

More importantly, your dental care products will be very fresh. Do you know why? They don’t have to take ages around shops and middle guys who only care on how to cash in. Instead, they will be shipped directly to you in the shortest timeline possible.

At the end of the day, only two parties will have touched your product. The manufacturer as they package and you as you open the package. Isn’t it awesome?


Now you understand why I am always running away from buying my dental products from supply stores and sales reps. It is true that avoiding supply stores and sales reps will actually help you to save so much from the exorbitant prices that you would have paid before.

Direct-to-consumer sales models offer the perfect solution and are indeed a stress-free model to go with. They give shoppers some of the best deals compared to traditional retail models. As a buyer, you will be happy to use this form of shopping so as to get your dental care products in the most affordable way.

In fact, you no longer have to wait for stale dental products that you cannot return. Buying directly from the wonderful dental manufacturer gives you fresh products with longer lifespans to expiry.

Author: Joseph Epstein