20+ New Small Business Ideas in Bangladesh 2020


Are you looking for profitable small business ideas in Bangladesh? Look no more. Below, we’ve mentioned twenty startup ideas and business opportunities which you can pursue with small investment.

Bangladesh is a country with a lot of potential and opportunities for investments and starting up a venture. What is most attractive about Bangladesh, in terms of potential business, is the fact that it offers considerably low cost labor, which is very beneficial if you wish to start a business venture of your own, which requires a lot of labor.

Best Small Business Ideas in Bangladesh 2020

small business ideas in Bangladesh

1. Rice Farming

Taking advantage of the opportunities that the country itself provides, one can opt to experiment with rice farming. You can start off firstly on a small scale, with less labor and not as much capital, and proceed to sell the produce in the local market.

2. Seafood Business

Similar to the rice farming, you don’t need to invest a very large sum of money for this. You can start off by hiring a few fishermen and provide them with relevant equipment.

The catch can then be sold at very profitable rates in the domestic market, and if the quality is up to the standards, then it can be given up for export too.

Seeing as how fish is a staple in the local meals, if you do not wish to export, then the local demand in itself is very sufficient to give you a hefty margin on the profits.

3. Fruits and Vegetables plantation

A similar line of business to the ones already mentioned is fruits and vegetables plantation. The weather and soil is very favorable to grow some variety of fresh food such as banana, mango, pineapple etc. And these are the types of produce that will have a great demand on its own, which makes it all the more attractive to invest in.

4. Poultry Farming

This idea is also quite in line with agriculture business ideas which have been discussed earlier. This idea involves just some basic marginal costs, but can be turned into a very profitable one by selling two by products in the market, eggs and chicken.

5. Dairy Farming

This type of business can be classified as long term and can be easily ran side by side apart from your primary business too, for extra disposable income.

Milk always has a stable demand in the market, therefore just be incurring a basic cost of cattle and their sustenance cost, you can earn great profits from this.

6. Organic Farm

Quite similar to the fruit and vegetables plantation, this venture can be started at home too. By setting up an organic farm at rooftop or in a spacious area such as backyard etc.

One can cater to demands from a few specific suppliers/ homes which require organic produces of particular fruits/vegetables pertaining to that particular season.

Because of high quality of the produce, it tends to sell at quite higher price than the local farm fruits and vegetables in the market.

7. Made to Order Dresses

For this idea, you just need to hire a few tailors according to the number of clients you wish to cater to and rent out a space and relevant equipment such as sewing machines is the basic fixed cost that you need to invest in.

The clients can just present their idea and their customized details to you and you can get it done for them.

8. Fashion Boutique

What differentiates this idea from the previous one is that in this, you will already have premade dresses up on display, such as ready-made kurtas, various types of trousers, semi/formal wear, wedding wear etc.

If some creativity is exercised, then this could turn into a very profitable business and you can have your own brand label too.

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9. New Born Baby and Mother Products

This is a relatively new idea, for which a lot of demand can be created on its own. Essentially, it will be ideal if the shop or the outlet is located near the hospitals, that way it can be easily reached to when in time of need for products such as baby cloth sets, baby accessories, relief products for mothers etc.

10. Knitwear Products

For this, you don’t need to necessarily make the products beforehand, but you can have it made on order that way it will also reduce the risk of not selling them etc.

The knitwear products such baby wear sets, hand gloves and mufflers etc. are quite popular in this range and sell for good profits too.

11. Customized Embellished Shoes

More like the made to order dresses, as they are customized, same way the shoes can be customized with specific embellishments, and style according to orders.

12. Salon Services

It is widely common that Makeup studios offer makeover services but sometimes you just need to get done with a few services therefore it is a very flexible idea which can be executed even at home with just a few workers.

13. Cosmetic Outlet

This is a very profitable business if thought carefully. For this, one just needs to track the demand of frequently bought beauty products, whether high end brands which are imported or local brands as well. The shop can serve as a one-step solution to all the cosmetic needs.

14. Juice Bar

For this low investment venture you will just need to be creative with the juice flavors and the type of assortments that you can provide and this business will definitely earn you goods.

15. Small Café

For this venture, apart from offering a unique range of edibles and various kinds of light snacks, you can make it more attractive by making the place chic and playing around with the aesthetics of the café, which will definitely attract a lot of young customers to the place.

16. Mobile Food Cart

In your mobile food cart, you can offer few specific dishes and create a brand name of your own by installing several such food carts at some of the busiest towns and have people enjoy the delicious flavors while on the go.

17. Ice Cream Shop

In this venture, you have freedom to be as creative as possible by offering a wide variety of ice-creams, gelato, their flavors and toppings etc. And considering how the temperature goes sky high in summers, the ice-creams will surely leave the business running at all times.

18. Home Food Delivery Service

This idea is very operational as there is always a considerable demand for home made food from offices, students, hostels etc.

If you do not wish to rent out a space for setting up the kitchen to prepare food, you can always start up with the kitchen at your home and generate a good income this way.

19. Stationary Shop

Unlike the earlier times, there is a huge variety of fancy stationery that kids and even adults would like to spend on. So apart from the local variety, you can also import the stationery from china, and Thailand etc. which is not so heavy on pocket and offers unique variety too.

20. Electronic Products Shop

For this business, you need to be vigilant enough to get those items in your inventory which either have a stable demand in the market, or are very useful but not so popularly known locally, so that they generate the demand on their own.

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Author: Sobiya Mujtaba