20 Best Small Business Ideas in Canada in 2020


Being a developed country, Canada also has its economy governed by the service industry. It employs 3/4th of the Canadian population.

Canada comes on number 3 according to the ranking of the World Bank Group in starting up a business easily. You just have to complete the process of registration that takes only one day on average for taking a new initiative.

There are lots of small business ideas in Canada that you can pursue easily and there are bright chances of success. 

Here is the list of most profitable small businesses in Canada.

20 Small Business Ideas in Canada You Can Start in 2020

Best Small Business Ideas in Canada

1. eCommerce Business Ideas in Canada

The eCommerce industry is rising continuously in Canada because of the overall growth of e-commerce throughout the globe. More consumers are now shifting to spend on online businesses rather than investing on the physical stores.

Due to this the importance of e-commerce business has drastically increased. The ways through which the retailers reach their customers have also changed.

The consumers can now purchase goods quickly and easily without any hassle of going out to the market. This trend is increasing ceaselessly and it can be a great startup idea in Canada in 2020.

2. Engineering firms

It is a unique business idea in Canada that you can pursue in 2020. The various structures found in the country side are crumbling with the passage of time. Water system is also deteriorating. These depreciation are offering outstanding business opportunities to the engineering firms that are capable o handle such problems.

The demand of related technology that can help preventing such problems is also increasing especially in Canada.

3. Equipment Leasing

The target audience of the business of equipment leasing is mostly the people who are affiliated with mining. Anybody who goes into the field of mining does not necessarily have his own equipment.

Most of the individuals would possibly not be in a position to buy the equipment because of their budget and other limitations.

In that situation leasing the equipment would be the best possible solution for them. Such kind of business has a great importance in Canada and it is a very strong idea for setting up business in the country.

Before starting this business in Canada, make sure that you check the type of equipment that your competitors are offering and their rates.

4. Consulting Business Ideas in Canada

The professionals, managers and other experienced employers in Canada keep looking for various profitable business ideas related to consultancy. They do this for enjoying job flexibility to a greater extent and for making a more handsome amount of money.

Consulting business is not a new phenomenon but it is a very potential small business idea in 2020. There are different types of consulting businesses including

  • Advertising consultancy
  • Image consultancy
  • Internet marketing consultancy
  • Search engine optimization consultancy
  • Public relation consultancy and wedding planning.

5. Pets Business

The people of Canada love pets in the same way as the Americans do. They can spend a lot of money in pampering and taking care of their pets.

There are various pets’ business ideas including making a daycare for doggies, opening a snacks bakery for dogs or cats, opening a dog resort, providing services for dog grooming, etc.

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6. Transportation Business

This is another appreciable small business idea to start in Canada in the year 2020 & 2021. In such a business, you first need to make the decision about the kind of your transportation business that you would like to opt.

It includes medical transport, trucking, taxi service, courier service, etc. This is a profitable business in Canada that is still growing and you can consider this idea on a serious note.

7. Automotive Business in Canada

In Canada, there is a huge potential in the automotive business. In order to complement the broad manufacturing activities of the country, the industry keeps on boasting such an automotive dealer network that is well-developed and organized.

The industry is growing into an amazing distribution system and a world-class service provider. All these things are creating many investment opportunities for the people who want to start small businesses in Canada.

8. Mobility products’ business in Canada

In the population of Canada, there is a large percentage of baby boomers. Because of that, the demand for services including mobility products is increasing with the passage of time. Wheelchairs, stair assists, walkers and such thing are included in the mobility products.

You can offer these products collectively by making your company. This is an amazing business idea in Canada.

9. Business Plan Services in Canada

This is a unique business idea in Canada and it lets you earn money by providing the services of writing suitable business plans for the people who intend to start their own businesses. These are the people who do not get enough time to write things properly on paper in an organized way.

You can offer various packages to the clients depending upon their requirements. You must have a sample of business plan that you might show to your new clients who would like to go through your work first.

10. Home Based Businesses in Canada

Pursuing the idea of home-based business in Canada is also very appreciable. You have the choice to make it a full time or a part time business.

There are many options like affiliate marketing, blogging, Graphic Design Service, Interior Designing, Online Survey Jobs and many more.

Some other successful small business ideas in Canada with a great potential are as follows:

11. Sports Business in Canada

12. Medical and assistive technologies

13. Bed & Breakfast Business (B&B Startup)

14. Freight Brokerage Business

15. Mining Consulting Startup

16. Event Planning & Organizing Company

17. Interior Decorator

18. Gift Basket Startup

19. Bookkeeping Services

20. Social Club Small Business

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