10 Successful Female Startups


Females have always been a very important part of the society and they have been working equally as the men do. There are a lots of women who have successfully launched a number of startups related to technology.

If you are a female entrepreneur and looking for some motivational female startups’ stories then you should keep in touch with this article as you will find here 10 successful and best female startups that have been launched successfully.

List of Successful Female Startups

10 successful Female Startups
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1. Homejoy

The siblings Cheung and Adora are considered to be one of the best entrepreneurs, since they founded Homejoy. Homejoy is basically a very convenient as well as highly affordable way for keeping the abode to be spotless regularly.

The service is such that it matches the clients and customers with the roster or Homejoy of those professionals who are certified for housekeeping. The rate is almost twenty dollars per hour. The process of scheduling is made simpler, easier and there is a guaranteed satisfaction offered.

2. Wanelo

Deena Varshavskaya is considered to be one of the successful female entrepreneurs. She is the Cheif Executive Officer as well as the founder of Wanelo.

Wanelo is basically a contraction for Want, Need and Love. It is an app for shopping that is supposed to turn one’s mobile phone essentially into something like a digital mall.

She founded it in the year 2011 and there are sourced more than about three hundred and fifty thousand stores; they allow the customers to shop any of the content of the customers’ heart.

3. Hitlist

Hitlist is one of the top ten best female startups. It was founded by another female named Gillian Morris. It allows the users for creating the targeted lists of wishes of the destinations that are liked by the customers for visiting.

After that, there are sent alerts by the company at the time when the tickets for the supposed and dreamed vacations get to the point of the prices which are the most competitive.

You can get connected through the social media for coordinating the plans with your friends, family or whatever.

4. Sols

Sols is another one of the best female startups. Kegan Schouwenburg is the founder of Sols. Sols is such a startup that is supposed to print the custom insoles of orthopedic shoe in three dimensions.

The founder of Sols worked at the shapeways of printery in three dimensions previously; she came up allegedly with such an idea meanwhile traversing the floor of the factory in a platform of boots.

Starting from the improvement of posture to the correction of pronation, the orthotic support of absorbent of shock is the secret for keeping the feet to be super-happy. The app of Sols is such that it captures thousands of points of data and it works in a very easy way.

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5. The RealReal

The RealReal is one of the most important apps to be mentioned in the list of the best female startups.

Athe founder of the RealReal was Julie Wainwright. There is offered a consignment of high-end sort of luxury of the fashion goods of both men as well as women.

There is offered free shipping as well as pickup from the home of the clients in about sixteen cities by the private process of full services.

Unlike the other sites known for reselling, there is taken the goods’ possession by the RealReal; everything after it is handled and the gap is supposed to be bridged between the consignment and the process of retailing on the internet.

6. inDinero

Jessica Mah is also included in the list of successful female entrepreneurs. She is the co founder as well as the Cjief executive officer of inDinero; it is meant for helping the new owners of business thrive.

The entrepreneurs are supported by the company in the main areas of the management of business starting from the keeping of books to the payroll.

7. LearnVest

In best femail startups, LearnVest is successfully achieving its goals. It was founded by Alexa von Tobel; she is also its Chief Executive Officer.

The app is used for serving up the resources’ slew for helping the clients for mastering the planning on financial basis.

 There is generated such a budget that is talor-made, by the program and also a custom plan for fitting each of the unique goals of the lifestyle of the users.

8. Polyvore

There is another famous woman named Jess Lee who is the chief executive offices for a well known site of Polyvore.

Polyvore is considered to be one of the best female startups currently. Jee lee became obsessed with the service that is launched in the recent days and she planned to email the founder of the site along with her notes and stuff for giving suggestions in order to make improvements in the site.

9. The Skimm

The two friends Wiesberg and Zakin worked together and became the founders of one of the best female startups, i.e. theSkimm after completing their graduation from their college.

Two year after that, the services got boasted up to about five hundred thousand subscribers of theSkimm.

10. Traveling Spoon

Aashi Vel and Lawrence are another two of the famous women who were the founders of Traveling Spoon. No doubt that is anything better than eating like somebody who is a local while being on vacations. The travelling Spoon is such that the travelers are connected by it with the experiences of authentic dining as well as authentic hosts throughout the world.

There can be a lot more of the successful female entrepreneurs in the world. We will surely see them in near future.