Which Technologies Do America’s Fastest Growing Companies Use?


Technology is a critical part of a successful business.

With continuous innovation and new developments, companies must invest in technology to ensure they are using the best tools available to them. But with so many options, how do you choose which technologies are right for your business?

One option for determining the right tools for your business is to examine what technologies other successful companies are using. To discover which tools are popular among the fastest growing private companies, GetVoIP conducted extensive research on the top 1,250 businesses on the Inc. 5000 list.

Tools for Fastest Growing Companies

Through this research they compiled usage rates within a variety of technological categories. The data revealed which tools these leading companies used for things like:

  • Content management systems (CMS).
  • Content delivery networks (CDN).
  • Email services and supplementary email tools.
  • Hosting providers.
  • Advertising platforms.

By using a business intelligence tool, GetVoIP analyzed the data and reveal which tools were most commonly used by these successful companies.

One key takeaway was that Google offers some of the best business tools around – at least according to the fastest growing companies. Google’s tools were largely popular in many of the different categories, including:

  • Email services – Google Apps for Business (42% of companies use).
  • Advertising – DoubleClick.net (48% of companies use) and Google Re-marketing (14% of companies use).
  • Analytics – Google Universal Analytics (65% of companies use) and Google Conversion Tracking (21% of companies use).
  • Content delivery network – GStatic Google Static Content (44% of companies use).

It might be worth looking at Google’s suite of tools for your own business.

Another takeaway from the data was that most of the companies researched (73%) used SPF email validation systems. This shows that implementing SPF into your own business should be a priority.

It’s also worth noting that WordPress was by far the content management system of choice with over half (58%) of the fastest growing companies using it as their CMS. This was not surprising as WordPress has a user-friendly interface and a healthy number of plugins to ensure it works exactly as you want.

To dive deeper into the data, check out the infographic below.

Technology of Fastest Growing Companies

Author: Andrew Dennis