COVID-19 & Remote Work: 7 Tools To Monitor Employee Productivity in 2021


Just a decade ago, remote working positions were considered as low-ranking with below-average salaries. However, nowadays, remote services and jobs have become a norm with many workers pursuing full-time remote careers.

Technology is connecting workers and employers globally. Especially, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, tons of organizations are forced to go online and work from home. The pandemic is responsible for inducing more remote work than ever before.

The business owners are rethinking their existing policies in all industries, including I.T, finance, and healthcare to effectively manage work-from-home employees. However, for some employers, this transition of remote working of employees can be daunting.

An Own Lab report related to the US businesses states that due to COVID-19, 25% of the US respondent firms will move 10% of their workers remotely. No wonder business managers are figuring out innovative ways to manage the difficult task of work-from-home teams.

If you are a business manager or an entrepreneur figuring out how to successfully manage your remote teams, then this post will take you through the best technological solutions to ensure employees’ productivity in 2021.

The Need for Remote Working During COVID-19

7 tools to monitor employee productivity

Remote working is not all that painful. It has ample benefits for both employers and employees. For example, by using the right employee monitoring tools, employers can calculate their productive hours and compare their performance.

Remote work eliminates the hassle of traveling, therefore, passionate employees can go the extra mile to produce quality work. They can adopt a self-improvement approach and speed up their workflows.

Moreover, employees can stay relaxed at home while focusing on their daily and weekly goals. By understanding the remote work policy, they can incorporate values like transparency and accountability to improve business revenue.

Despite many positive aspects, remote work scenario might also call out employers to face some challenges such as:

  • Decline in the productivity of out-of-sight employees.
  • A loss of time and earning.
  • Data loss, security breach, and miscommunication.

The good news is that using the right technology and remote working tools, managing and handling remote work can be a piece of cake. These tools can help employers to interact with and monitor employees’ performance easily.

Here are the 7 employee monitoring tools to avoid such problems related to work from home during COVID-19.

7 Employee Monitoring Tools For Enhancing Productivity

Tools To Monitor Employee Productivity

1. Time Doctor

Time management is always necessary for remote employees. TimeDoctor is a leading tool used by several large companies to monitor their in-house and remote employees. The software comes with dozens of useful features like:

  • Employee time calculation and tracking

Time Doctor allows to track work hours to manage time-wasting employees. This way, you can quickly monitor your employees’ Facebook or Netflix time.

  • Managing workplace distractions

The distraction management feature allows employers to track workers’ social media and website browsing with pop-up alerts. This feature is enough to put employees back on track.

  • Web and app monitoring tool

The feature allows managers to monitor all online activities and app installations remotely.

  • Tracking employees’ attendance

TimeDoctor is an attendance-management tool with a minute-by-minute timer.

  • Payroll management software 

Time Doctor allows creating automatic timesheets that employers can upload to their payroll method of choice.


Xnspy is an effective productivity-boosting application that allows real-time employee monitoring and location tracking. Since large corporations always aim to monitor their employees’ online activities and smartphone conversations, Xnspy can allow companies to keep an eye on their employees without telling them.

Xnspy solves the major surveillance issue of employers worldwide. The fact remains that employees are concerned about their privacy and security while working from home or office. Whether it is a government office, a retail store, or a small business, employers are always looking for technological solutions to track the wrongdoings of employees.

A top-rated employee monitoring or spying tool ensures that employees remain loyal to their organizations. Using Xnspy, managers can ensure that no company secrets are leaked illegally. The smartphone monitoring app ensures that workers are not harming the reputation or the image of their firm.

Xnspy is a Productivity-booster for Employers

In terms of boosting employees’ productivity, Xnspy works like a productivity-boosting machine working in stealth mode on Android or iOS devices. For example, you can enhance the productivity of your remote employees with Xnspy in the following ways:

  • Tracking employees online browsing and emailing during productive hours.
  • Gaining valuable insights regarding their smartphone conversations.
  • Improving employees’ productivity by analyzing their tasks.
  • Tracking the whereabouts of sales reps and field workers while giving them a free hand.
  • Bridging the communication gap between employees and employers

Employees can safeguard and monitor the following with Xnspy:

  • Company’s assets including smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets.
  • The keystrokes on smartphones or computers.
  • Screen-time monitoring
  • Browsing history
  • Location tracking with GPS
  • Files stored and multimedia

Xnspy does nothing that goes against employees’ rights. It is perfectly legal to spy on your human resources for legitimate reasons. Therefore, with this effective employee tracking app, employers can create a sense of belonging and loyalty to boost their productivity manifold.

3. Slack 

Slack is becoming a popular app for remote communication and instant messaging. Employees can create channels tailored to the needs of their projects and teams.

Slack also allows file sharing and integrates with Dropbox and Google Drive. The software also offers a free version with limited features.

4. Zoom

Zoom is another communication tool that allows online meetings and video conferencing features. Teams can use its audio and screen sharing capabilities overall operating systems and platforms like Apple, Windows, and Android. Slack offers a range of features including:

  • Real-time video meetings
  • Video webinars
  • Low pricing starting from $14.99 to S19.88 per month.
  • Good alternative to Skype and other meeting tools

5. Ringover 

Ringover is a cloud-based phone software to receive and make unlimited calls to stay in touch with distributed groups and teams. The tool also helps managers to stay connected to their peers, customers, and colleagues. People can dial international numbers 100+ global destinations.

With the Ringover app, employers can easily perform the following tasks:

  • Configure a full-fledged business communication system in 3 minutes
  • Include remote workers for both inbound and outbound calls.
  • Manage all remote phone calls and messages from any location.

6. ClickUp

ClickUp is an employee management software that allows remote teams to effectively manage their tasks remotely. It can seamlessly integrate with Slack and TimeDoctor to complete projects from anywhere around the world.

The tool can triple your employees’ productivity and you can make sure that your people don’t miss a beat. It offers:

  • Feature to break down the task into manageable chunks
  • Complete one task at a time efficiently
  • Quickly check your progress with checklists and to-do-lists.
  • And much more.

7. Google WorkSpace

File sharing is an essential element of remote workers’ tasks. Google Workspace provides a reliable platform to remotely manage, send, receive, and share files. It works like Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a suite of tools to improve productivity and file sharing.

Key features of Google Workspace include:

  • Edit and create new text documents using Google Docs.
  • Share online calendar with remote workers.
  • Integrates with Gmail, Google Drive, and Meet.

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