The Top 10 Ways to Earn Money Online 2016-17


People like to earn in their own way. There are multiple ways of earning online. Earning online is a powerful feeling inside. Once you have started working your mind start working on new ideas to earn money online. Working online needs full understanding and know-how to your vision and support others. The business of earning online increases day by day with continued hard work and effort. Top ten ways of earning money are going to discuss over here which are adopted by many entrepreneurs.

10 Ideas to Earn Money Online With Low Investment in 2017

Top 10 ways to earn money online 

1. Freelancing

Freelancing is basically a  good way to earn money online at your own place. You need to have a sufficient set of skills to start your freelancing career. You can improve your skills by attending online tests on different freelancing sites and start biding over there. It could make you earn hundreds of dollar per month. You can get your funds through PayPal, Skrill and Payoneer Master Card.

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2. Blogging

Another easiest platform to earn money online is blogging websites. The most important thing you need to have is excellent skills of writing and deep knowledge about the information which made a good impact on reader If you own a blog you can use publisher network to put it up on internet to display relevant adverts. You can get a very good chance to attract direct advertiser if your blog receives a good traffic. WordPress is the most commonly used blogging website of 2015. It will take 6 months to establish an effective blog. Earning can be doubled from few thousands to thousand dollars.

3. Publishing a video

You are thinking how we can earn money by publishing a video on internet. YouTube is a platform of publishing millions of videos a day. These videos should be created by you and have no copyright claims. These videos can be tutorials, any learning video or any entertaining. You can earn as many by getting hits on your video. You simply need to share your YouTube URL on different websites. People often earn hundreds of dollars per day.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Most promising business in today world is promoting others selling products. The concept of affiliate marketing is somehow very easy to understand you just need to promote others people products at different social platforms it also comes under freelancing by which you can make good bucks.

5. Web Development / Design

One of the most ongoing works online are designing and developing a website. Mostly people develop their websites and host them on internet and sell them on high rates in this way they earn a lot in a day or week. So, web developing and designing are also good ideas to earn money online. You must need to have a good grip on HTML, CSS and other languages.

6. Selling domains

Selling expired premium domains are also a way of earning. You have to keep an eye on them when they got expired and then you can resell it with high rates. A domain purchased at 50 dollars might get sold at 10,000 dollars right to client. This is the smartest way to earn money online.

7. Product selling / services

Like a retail store now buying and selling product online is very common. E-commerce is a very oldest way to make money online where you can sell any service and product of our choice. There are different online shopping cart websites available on the internet from where you can shop any product of our choice. Names are as follow:

8. Events Promotion on Social Media

Creating events and promoting it on different social media is also a smart way of earning money online. It is a very highly profitable and interesting work.

9. Lectures / Training

Delivering lectures and some online training is also a way of earning. You have to pay for every lecture and in this way one can make money online. This is most beneficial for professionals. They can also post their books and make them payable.

10. Become a Virtual Assistant

You can easily earn money online by rendering your virtual assistant services on the internet. To get hired, you need no signup on best freelancing websites to find VA jobs online.

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