Get Programs Without Viruses And For Free – List of Trusted Sites


Online sites have been the key entry of viruses. There are a lot of infected websites on the internet, and people have been downloading free software from them.

When a virus infects your computer, you risk losing your valuable data, and system performance will be compromised.

Therefore to save yourself from such inconveniences, you need to ensure you are using the right website when downloading software. Let us have a look at safe sites where you can download free software.

11 Top Trusted Sites to Get Free Programs Without Viruses

top sites free to get programs with viruses


Fosshub is a trusted site where you can download free software.


  • The software is updated periodically
  • The site Is safe because there are no bundles, spyware, and adware that can corrupt your computer.
  • There are no shareware or demos. It provides only free software for download
  • It has quick servers that facilitate faster downloads.
  • There are user reviews and ratings
  • There is no redirecting because of the provision of direct download links.
  • It has an elegant and clean interface that is user-friendly.


This is one of the best websites where you come into contact with thousands of free software downloads. Here are some of its features.

  • Free software downloads are available for Windows, iOS, Linux, and Mac.
  • It supports high-speed downloads.
  • The free software available are original
  • It offers the latest versions of all the software available on the website.
  • Provides screenshots and detailed reviews of the software
  • It lists only malware-free and clean software.
  • It provides the latest and trending software.


It is among the oldest sites that have been in service for downloading free software.


  • The software is updated. Hence you will download the latest versions
  • It has a reviews section that allows you to know more about the software.
  • It supports high-speed downloads of the software.
  • Also, it is an intuitive site that provides user ratings for every software.
  • The software provided on this site is free from malware.
  • The free software downloads are available for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.
  • It has a news section which enlightens users on the trending and most downloaded free software


This is a site that offers categorized free software downloads.


  • Software is updated frequently
  • Has easy to use interface
  • It provides software reviews and user ratings
  • It has high-speed downloads
  • The only original software is available
  • Downloads are available for Mac and Windows


This is the most trusted free software download site. It also allows for numerous free software downloads at once.


  • There are no crapware and toolbars
  • It has an elegant interface
  • It saves on time since you can download much software at a go.
  • The installation process is simple; you don’t have to install single software because the customized installer is created to install all the selected software.
  • It is compatible with Windows and Mac


This is among the most visited sites where you can download free and safe software.


  • Free software downloads are available for windows
  • It has numerous software In the catalogs
  • Offers a software description
  • It provides user ratings and software reviews
  • The software is original, and there are no adware or malware
  • It has an elegant and simple user interface


Microsoft .com is a trusted official site, where you can download free software.


  • It is compatible with windows 10
  • It provides optional updates
  • There is no third party software because it is an official site
  • It has an intuitive user interface
  • Software is original and authentic


This is also a great website that is ideal for downloading free software.


  • It has no crapware or bundles
  • It has various categories which make it easy to search for the software
  • Provides the latest user reviews
  • It offers high-speed downloads.
  • It has a user-friendly interface


This is a great website that has appealing features; hence, it is one of the great sites to get free software.


  • It has a large collection of software
  • Provides shareware and freeware
  • It is user-friendly hence it is simple to use
  • It is neat and organized which makes it easy to search for the software


This is an amazing site to source free software downloads.


  • It has authentic and latest software reviews
  • It has no crapware or bundles
  • Supports high-speed download
  • It has an intuitive interface


This is a good site that allows you to download virus-free software.


  • It has an elegant and simple interface
  • Provides a short description for each software
  • Supports high-speed downloads
  • It is user-friendly and simple to use
  • There are no malware and adware


The websites that I have listed above are great when it comes to downloading free software safely. All you need is to identify the software that you need to install on your computer.

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Author: William Downhill