6 Websites You Can Use To Get Your Used Car Properly Evaluated


One of the most vital aspects of selling your old car is getting the right car value. The process can become quite lengthy and stressful especially if you are looking to attain the best price for your car. Apparently, there are three values that your used car can get:

  • Trade-in price: which is what the dealer pays for your vehicle; often the lowest as the dealer will outsmart you on the price unless you are an automotive expert
  • Private party price: which is what two individual buyers will negotiate; can get you a decent value but involves extra efforts
  • Retail Price: which is what a dealer hopes to sell a used car to another buyer

Valuation of a car using the old-fashioned way was a long, drawn-out affair as you negotiated with a dealer for several hours or days which could still leave you unhappy as you get an unfair trade-in price for the vehicle.

Luckily, car valuation is no more the knowledge of industry insiders alone, or those with plenty of time to conduct a lengthy analysis of used cars.

Search “What is my Car’s Value?”

Leveraging the unlimited power of the internet, a number of car valuation websites have been designed now that offer free car valuation and allow the users to know about the real worth of their cars. Simply searching ‘what is my car’s value?’ in Google will pop up many relevant websites that will provide you with the service you are looking for.

Most of these websites require information about the vehicle in question and its owner to properly evaluate the car. The car’s mileage, internal and external conditions are taken into account to calculate the car’s value. It is a good idea to take note of these factors as worn interiors, scratches and damp patches will tend to lower the value of your car. Below, we take a look at some of the websites that you can use to properly evaluate your used car.

6 Websites You Can Use for Free Car Valuation

Websites you can use to get your used car properly evaluated

1. Auto Trader

The Auto Trader only requires your car’s registration and mileage to calculate the value of the car. If you do not know the registration number of the vehicle, you still do not need to worry.

You can also evaluate your car by providing the make, model, variant, and some other information about the car. The Auto Trader benefits from an extensive database and uses data from over half a million car adverts on their site.

It also looks at prices on hundreds of dealers’ websites and car auctions as well as leasing car values to help you value your car according to the latest and relevant guide price.

2. Parkers

This website offers free car valuation which you can search either by entering the registration number of the vehicle or the make/model.

The extensive team of independent experts at Parkers visit hundreds of car dealers and auctions every month and feedback to a central database with up to data prices to ensure that you get a fair value for your used car.

It is claimed that the team monitors around 1.5 million sales every year or around 4,100 car sales which guarantees that the information from the car valuation calculator is accurate and reliable.

3. We Buy Cars Today

WeBuyCarsToday is a big car buying and selling the site in the UK which provides a free, proper and instant car valuation. The process is simple as you only need to enter your vehicle’s registration number in the box to begin your online car valuation.

Information about the owner and the vehicle including mileage of the vehicle, postal code, your contact number, and the email address is used to provide a free online valuation for your car and provide ease in the selling process.

The privacy of data is taken seriously, and it is made sure that the information remains secure. The entire process is transparent, and the impartiality in the valuation system guarantees quality.

4. HPI Valuations

With HPI Valuations, getting a car valuation couldn’t be easier. You are required to enter the car’s registration number and mileage, provide a few details about yourself and HPI will instantly provide your car’s value.

The premium valuation allows you to get three more market values, a depreciation graph, and a sum of annual running costs. The depreciation graph shown below lets you find out how much cash you will get back when you sell your car in the future.

The site provides four market values depending on who is buying and selling the car. It includes the market value of the car if sold privately, a part exchange value and the figure expected to pay for the vehicle if bought directly from the dealer.

HPI Valuations


5. Cars.com

Cars.com provides a black book value for a vehicle which is its wholesale or auction value or the amount a dealer might pay for the vehicle.

The Black Book acquires its pricing data from a number of sources including wholesale auctions and retail transactions.

It updates the used car prices on a weekly basis, and such frequent updates allow for quick response to market fluctuations. The value of the car is impacted by factors like mileage, condition and the reconditioning cost of the vehicle for resale.

6. Motorway

Mortorway.co.uk is a website that offers value for your car of any make and model. It also provides an option for selling your vehicle and becomes useful for price comparisons of used cars. It pulls in data from the big car buying sites on the internet and ensures that you get the best price for your used car.

The Bottom Line

The values offered by these car valuations and buying sites may likely be less than those you can attain if you sell your car privately, but as the latter involves personal efforts and deep knowledge of automobiles, the chances to benefit become slimmer. Also, these websites keep the process as transparent as possible so you can confide in them and get your used car properly evaluated.

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