What Can A Bank Promo Code Do For You?


Competition is fierce and cutthroat for almost all kinds of businesses. Companies have to work hard to get customers and retain their clients.

Businesses, including financial institutions, have to come up with different marketing strategies and promotions to attract clients. Banks nowadays turn to both traditional advertising and online marketing tactics. These include promo codes.

Banks offer promo codes to provide incentives to customers and potential clients. When a customer uses a promo code, he can enjoy freebies, points, and other benefits.

Promo codes are available to new customers and existing clients. To obtain a promo code, the bank may send the code directly to the customer, or the client can search for a valid code online.

There are limitations in the use of promo codes, which you, as a customer, must learn to make sure you are indeed eligible to use them.

How are Bank Coupon Codes Used?

What Can A Bank Promo Code Do For You1

Financial institutions release promotional codes that clients and potential customers can use for opening accounts such as savings or Certificate of Deposit accounts. But promo codes are not limited to regular savings or checking accounts. It may also apply to personal loan clients or customers availing of home loans.

Bank codes work the same way as promo codes of other businesses like restaurants or online stores. To find these promo codes, you have to follow the social media account of the bank or sign up for their newsletter.

Often, these bank promo codes are available at affiliate sites. Once you find a suitable deal, you simply click on it or copy it.

You can then paste the code to the appropriate field to apply the discount or rebate. Most banks have online portals that make redeeming bank promo codes straightforward and hassle-free.

1# Benefits of Bank Promo Codes

To enjoy a bank promo code, you must first verify if you qualify for the promotion. All promo codes have terms and conditions of use.

Remember to read the fine print before using any promotional code or coupon to reap the benefits fully. Here are the ways you can benefit from bank promo codes:

2# Cash Bonuses

One of the best benefits of using a bank promo code is getting a cash bonus. There are different ways to earn cashback through bank promo codes.

For example, promo code from CIT Bank gets you a $100 rebate for opening a savings account with them. However, the promotion indicates that the savings account should be their high-yield variant.

What Can A Bank Promo Code Do For You

Some banks offer as much as $1,000 bonus by doing certain activities. For example, when you sign up for a college saver account, you will receive a $1,000 bonus if you open the account before your child turns 12. You must, however, deposit a minimum monthly amount to receive the gift when your child reaches 18 years old.

It is pertinent to understand the terms and conditions to qualify. If you fail to meet the requirements, the cash bonus may be deemed void by the bank.

3# Freebies

People love getting freebies, whether it is merchandise, gadgets, or anything with value. Businesses have long used giveaways and freebies as a marketing strategy to entice customers to avail of their products and services.

Although cash rebates and bonuses are better for your wallet, freebies are more accessible to obtain due to straightforward terms and conditions. For example, a bank may have a promo code that entitles the depositor a free Nike jacket for a minimum deposit of $1,000.

Other financial institutions, such as credit card companies also offer promo codes that allow their cardholders to redeem freebies. Freebies from promo codes may be as simple as a free t-shirt or backpack, but some offer more expensive items like electronics and gadgets.

As long as you meet the requirements of the promotion, you can avail of freebies as much as you’d like unless the mechanics imply that it is limited to one item per account holder.

4# Discounts

Who does not want the idea of getting discounts for purchasing goods and services? Banks also partner with other businesses to provide customers discounts. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. The bank and retail partner acquire the customers and revenue that they need while consumers get rebates and discounts for their purchases.

For example, if you are shopping at your favorite online boutique, you can opt to use an active bank promo code during checkout. The purchase requirements will usually indicate that you must use a debit card or credit card from a specific bank or credit card company.

You can get 5% off or more when you input a bank promo code before finalizing your purchase. If the terms and conditions indicate that you must purchase at least $50 to avail of the 5% discount, you should make sure that your total bill comes up to $50 or more. Even if the discount is only $2.50, imagine how much you can save if you buy more than once a month!

5# Exclusive Privileges

Banks like to reward their customers with exclusive privileges, especially VIP clients. If you have been a customer of your local bank for several years, you may have access to bank promo codes that are not available to new customers. Most exclusive privileges are discounts to popular restaurants, events, concerts, accommodations, and destinations.

Exclusive bank promo codes are usually sent by mail or email directly to the customer and not available online. Getting access to exclusive bank promo codes is a sign that the bank appreciates your loyalty to them; thus, you will be rewarded with exclusive deals and promotions.


Every consumer should take advantage of bank promo codes since it offers excellent value for your money. The terms of conditions of bank promotions are usually straightforward to understand.

Most bank promotions require that the person be an account holder in good standing. There are also promotions specifically catered to new customers only.

If you are not sure about the terms and conditions of the bank promo code, seek assistance from the bank’s customer service representatives before availing of any special deal.