Whatsapp New Feature for Document Sharing


After getting 1 billion users worldwide, nowadays Whatsapp messenger had become a top headline in Tech news. According to TechCrunch, Whatsapp has recently released its new app version both in android and iOS. Users, who updated their apps to 2.12.453 android version and 2.12.14 iOS version, are now enjoying Whatsapp Document Sharing Feature in their smart phones. Up till now, the Whatsapp Company has not yet made any official announcement about this document sharing feature but now users can see this feature in their Whatsapp messenger.

Previously, Whatsapp users can make free calls and were able to share files including pictures, videos and audio calls but after this recent update, now they can also share document files with their friends individually as well as in chat groups. It seems that Whatsapp Company will launch and integrate more useful features in future to provide free extra services to potential users.

Whatsapp Document Sharing Feature

From Business perspective, Whatsapp messenger is proved to be an effective and fast communication tool for Entrepreneurs and business professionals. That’s why it is always appreciated by potential users. In this regard, employees and students are also admiring this feature because they can now share PDF files with each other right from their smart phones.

Apart from the positive aspects of Whatsapp document sharing feature, there are also some tiny issues and disadvantages of this latest feature. Numerous users reported that they cannot send document files until and unless the recipient updates its messenger up to latest version. On the other hand, some users also argued that this feature will attract malware spreading through Whatsapp. Others were concerned that this feature will increase the chance of privacy risk. In order to overcome these privacy concerns, Whatsapp may take some security measures in order to reduce the privacy, malware and virus risks.

How to Use Whatsapp Document Sharing Feature

If you have updated your Whatsapp messenger then luckily you can use this feature. All you need to follow the following steps:

1. Open Whatsapp messenger 2.12.453 for android version and 2.12.14 for iOS version.

2. Select recipient chat “individual or Group Chat”

3. Select Share Files then you will see document option in left top corner

4. Select and share PDF files