How WiFi is Transforming the Business Experience?


Providing a pleasant experience to customers is what many businesses strive for. After all, how well the customers are treated can be a deciding factor in gaining their loyalties.

Every day, entrepreneurs are coming with ideas that could help them gain an edge over tough competition. New ideas, new services, and new products; all aimed at enhancing the business experience; however, in the midst of this all, many people fail to realize the importance of good Wi-Fi and its role in transforming the business experience for the betterment.

WiFi is a small thing that could decide the quality of your services. Not only this, but it can also help in defining your audience, saving valuable resources, and much more. Here are a few ways good Wi-Fi can help your business.


How Wifi is transforming businesses


Finding Target Audience via Customer Data

Having free business WiFi is becoming the norm. Businesses provide this facility to

  1. A) Make the customer’s wait time bearable
  2. B) Get important information which could prove crucial in tailoring the existing services to meet up with consumer’s expectations.

Additionally, it also provides businesses with the opportunity of finding their target audience through Wi-Fi analytics.

Free Wi-Fi to people is what honey is to bees. No matter whether consumers are interested in your offered features, they will still come to your joint if they learn that you are providing free Wi-Fi. For your business, it will be a win-win situation. On one hand, customers will be using free Wi-Fi while on the other hand; you will be collecting crucial consumer data with the help of Wi-Fi analytics.

In simple terms, Wi-Fi analytics integrates the usage of analytics tool that serves as an access point from where consumer data and important information can be gathered. Such analytic tools are trained to pick up the signal from users’ mobiles, gather important information (if they connect to your Wi-Fi), and record the data for later usage. With the help of proper Wi-Fi access points, the strength of the mobile pings along with its location can be pinpointed.

Wi-Fi analytics enable data collection, and in the right hands, this data could prove beneficial. For instance, if you know who your customers are, how they behave around your business, and what they need; all of this could help you in enhancing your services thus transforming your business experience.

Additionally, individuals can get their hands on consumers’ information such as age, name, email address, online preferences, social profile access, etc; all of which could prove beneficial in finding their target audience.

Save Resources with Good Quality Network

The success of any business is determined by its overall revenue and annual spending. With the traditional methods and the lack of innovation, saving resources while increasing profits can be a hassle.

Of course, there is marketing, loyalty building, and finding consumers’ behavior; all of which can amount to some serious expenses. On the other hand, a high-speed Wi-Fi connection can help in saving crucial resources.

Research has found out that 60% of the people state that they cannot go a day without a proper internet connection. Now imagine, if your business started offering free yet high-quality Wi-Fi, your business could save up through the following ways:

  • Marketing: Traditional or online marketing requires money because there are ads, campaigns, etc that you need to invest in to increase awareness. With a great guest Wi-Fi, you can extend your brand’s reach by enabling customers to connect to your WiFi through a cleverly crafted splash page. You can use this opportunity to showcase your services, expertise, products, and services; all of which can attract the right customer.

Additionally, you can also name your Wi-Fi with your company’s name to build your brand.

  • Attracting Customers: If you are offering free guest Wi-Fi, people will frequent your joint, even when they do not have any specific needs in their mind. Once they visit your Wi-Fi network, they will become your unintentional brand ambassadors by communicating your features and services/products with other people in need. This will attract new customers to your business.
  • Engaging Customers: A free business Wi-Fi means that customers will get to spend more time on your joint than expected which may lead to an increase in sales and vice versa.

Organic Promotion of Your Business

Organic promotion is the promotion where you do not have to spend a single penny on marketing purposes, and for many businesses, it is a dream come true! Regardless of how attractive it sounds, working this strategy can be a little difficult but with great Wi-Fi, you can achieve this through:

  • Pay with Social Mention: People love it when they get discounts and you can feed on this consumer psychology by offering them exactly what they want. You can start a campaign by allowing consumers to get 10% off on their current or future purchases if they mention/tag your brand on their social profiles. Further, you can ask them to use guest Wi-Fi to accomplish this task.
  • Reward Program: You can provide your consumers with the opportunity of becoming a part of your reward program. Simply, ask them to use the guest Wi-Fi to refer your products/services to their friends or family members. If the referred person does any kind of business with your joint, the referee can be eligible for any award scheme.
  • Run Live Streaming: This strategy is business-oriented. With the help of your Wi-Fi, you can hold live streaming sessions where you can hold Q&A videos, promote your business, and engage with followers. Additionally, you can use this opportunity to offer quick and small tutorials on common problems that trouble your customer base.

People love businesses that care about them and by implementing all these strategies, your business will be doing just that. Additionally, through this, you will not only be organically promoting your business but will also be increasing your customer base.

Internet of Things Preparation

Internet of Things (IoT) is the vast connection of physical devices to the internet through a proper Wi-Fi connection. With the right tools and devices, anyone sitting in their office can control the environment of their homes.

For instance, they can control the thermostat, the light functions, security system, and much more. It is a great opportunity; however, businesses need to prepare themselves to properly handle this advancement.

The first and foremost thing to do in the gradual acceptance of IoT devices is to plan ahead. Businesses need to adopt a proactive approach and implement all the right tools that could prepare them for an influx in WiFi connected devices.

Additionally, the businesses need to review their data and privacy policies before implementing any third-party software (for guest Wi-Fi facilitation) to manage IoT systems.

The Bottom Line

It does not matter if you are using Wi-Fi in combination with Ethernet cables and Cat6 RJ45 connectors; the bottom line is good WiFi can significantly impact your business. Many businesses have realized the potential of good WiFi and are using this as an opportunity to further their brand’s reach.

So, if other business can utilize and customize their Wi-Fi to offer maximum benefits, special offers, etc to increase their customer base, why can’t you?!

Author Bio: Shawn Mike provides ghostwriting and copywriting services. His educational background in the technical field and business studies helps him in tackling topics ranging from career and business productivity to web development and digital marketing. He occasionally writes articles for Shireen Inc