In the modern, era no product or service even thinks its advertisement without its own website because website is the strongest tool of communication.

But websites are not only limited with the business purpose only. Websites are all about communication and being global. Whether you want to show your passion in any sports or you have to sell any product or service, you can use a website for any of the purpose.

The better the website will be, the more attraction of customers. Website is actually the virtual shop where you present your products or services.

People use websites for different purposes. Some use for business work and some use websites to share their views only. The design or template of the website varies as per the need of the owner.

People are earning a lot from the free eCommerce websites, especially from the personal and business blogs. Many platforms for website making are available like webself, webnode, squarespace and wix.

But here I am telling you about the Wix Website builder. Before discussing about how to make a website using Wix lets have a Wix Review.

Wix is basically an Israeli company which is providing a cloud-based web development platform. Users are allowed to create HTML5 websites and mobile websites.

Drag and drop tools are used to create website, so it makes very easy to create website for user. Wix is available for those users, who doesn’t make professional websites. But it also offers 6 premium plans for professional website creation.

8 Steps to Create Your Site With Wix Website Builder

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Now let’s get started about how to create a website using Wix. You can create a website using Wix by following 9 simple steps.

1# Login to

First of all go on to get started. When the home page will be appeared to you Login into website if you already have an account. Otherwise you have to create a new account.

2# Create Your Account

After logging in a page will be appeared. In the centre a button will be present “Start now”. By clicking it you will enter into “My Account Page”.

3# Start Creating

On the right side of the page you will see “start creating” button.

4# Choose Your Template

After that you have to choose right template. Because once you have completed your editing Wix won’t allow you to change your chosen template again. So you have to choose the template according to the nature of the requirements of your website. It is because that’s the best way to convey your massage.

Wix offers you 25 amazing Wix website templates, which all are 100% free. You don’t need to buy them. You also can’t import any template of your own. Further, you can only use the given by Wix but you can edit the given templates to meet your requirements.

5# Disable Pop Ups

Make sure that you have not disabled the popups because you have to wait for pop up of Wix on this step.

6# Edit Your Site

Now you are able to edit your site. You can edit:

  • Title
  • Footer
  • Background colour
  • Add pages etc.

After publishing you can also edit your site using Wix website editor. You can make the changes at any time after publishing the site.

Just open your site’s dashboard, click manage site and then click edit site. After editing you can Re-Publish your site. Right after re-publishing you can see the instant changes in your live website.

7# Name Your Site

After this you have to get the name of you site. Your site name will appear

In this format the site name is free. But if you want to get your own custom domain like then for that you have to pay its price.

8# Publish Your Site

After all this work is done your website is quite ready to publish. “Publish” button is present on the top right corner. Just click on publish button and you’ve completed you task. Enjoy working on your website.

Wix Website Cost

Wix Website Builder

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Although free website can be created using Wix but for professional purpose or when you want to get your custom domain, then you have to pay for it. Price starts from $5 for reaching your domain monthly. If you need business VIP upgrade then Wix website cost goes up to $35 a month.

If you have purchased domain from any external resource, you can attach that domain to Wix Website as well.

Wix Website Builder App

Wix is very easy to use for managing and making the websites. It has its app which enables the users to handle different functions of their website. This is helpful app in saving time for he users.

Multiple Accounts

Wix website builder and maker allows you to make multiple accounts. You can edit your website anytime using any of your account. To do his, you have to transfer your account to that ID with which you want to edit it.

You can do this by going to settings. While transferring, make it sure that you chose the option of Sill have a copy of the site. This will let you handle from all accounts.

In short, it can be concluded that if you have passion or wish to make your own website, but you don’t have professional knowledge about software, programming and coding, then you can build your own website with Wix. You can create your amazing website on this platform and can chose stunning Wix Website designs.

Wix, has all those features, for which the professionals may demand high amounts from you, e.g. custom emails. In case of any problem in using their sits, their FAQ page and admin support can help you to solve the problem. So, just stop thinking and start entertaining the world with your talent and passion.

Final Words

No matter if you are a student, professional, business owner or a housewife, Wix can let you fly in the sky without wings, with independency from all aspects. This is a perfect platform where you can opt the design of your choice to start your Wix blog.

Author: Attiya Awan

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