5 Weird And Wonderful Alternative Careers You Haven’t Considered!


When you’re young, getting repeatedly asked “what do you want to be” or “what’s your career plan”, can not only be pretty annoying, but it can also be really daunting! How can you know what you want to be for the rest of your life?

If this rings true for you, there is no need to panic. Not having a career path in mind or a 5-year plan in mind doesn’t mean you’ll never be successful!

So if you’re currently at a loss with what to do with your life, and don’t like the sound of being an accountant, a nurse, or a fireman, here are some interesting, weird and wonderful alternative careers / jobs you may want to consider.

5 Interesting Alternative Careers Options For Youngsters

5 Weird And Wonderful Alternative Careers You Haven’t Considered

1. Medical photographer: Alternative Medicine Careers for Doctors

Have you seen photos quite gross but actually incredibly interesting images of people’s internal organs or skin diseases? Well someone has to take those pictures, and that some could be you!

The NHS employs its own medical photographers – not one to consider if you faint at the sight of blood though!

2. A Foster Carer: Alternative Careers For Teachers

Are you good with children, an empathetic person, and want to make a difference in your life?

Private fostering agency workers are always looking to recruit new foster carers that can make a difference in young people’s lives. Not only is it a meaningful career path, many people don’t realize it can be quite lucrative.

3. Dog-breeder: Top Career Jobs For Dog Lovers

If you’re a proper animal lover and dream about owning your own business, you might want to consider starting a dog breeding company.

Not only can this job be super fun, but it can actually be pretty lucrative! Clever tips like bringing services in-house can keep your costs low; for example, learning to microchip dogs will save you money in the long run.

One thing you will also need to learn is to not get attached to the puppies – or be prepared for some emotional goodbyes!

4. Procurement officer: Career in Procurement and Purchasing

Are you a self-confessed bargain hunter? Many you’re one of those people that loves getting the best price and the highest quality item.

We all know someone that will search high and low for the right deal. Well you can actually get paid for doing it?

A Procurement officers job it to source and buy in products and services for anything and everything.

5. Community development worker: Alternative Careers for Social Workers

Do you love your local community but don’t want to be a social worker because of the problems with child protective services?

Do you often think of ways it could be improved or changes you’d love to see? Well someone may actually pay you for those ideas. There are various online courses like project management courses these days that allow people to progress into careers just like this.

You could help to create a better community spirit and a thriving local community by getting a job as a community development worker!

What do you think of these alternative careers? Have any other uncommon careers that you’ve considered? Comment below and let us know!

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Author: Beth Pembrook