7 Advantages of eSIM Technology In Daily Life


eSIM is a four-letter acronym with an increasing significance. This technology is gaining traction in the consumer sector at a breakneck pace. By 2025, the GSMA predicts that 35% of any and all smartphone communication networks will be made through eSIM technology.

However, why are eSIMs so popular and how are they improving the user experience? In this blog, we’ll talk about the reason behind the increasing popularity of eSIMs and how they are beneficial for consumers in their daily lives.

Why eSIM Technology Is Growing In Popularity?

The eSIM has already been available for a few years; initially, it was intended for use in IoT connections by industries. However, once Apple introduced eSIMs to the iPhone, competing manufacturers such as Google and Samsung quickly followed suit.

Today, the majority of high-end smartphones support eSIM. Indeed, the number of commercially accessible eSIM devices is expected to reach 110 by the end of 2022, including mobile phones, laptops, wearable technology, and tablets.

Nowadays, finding a cellular network that provides eSIM services is considerably easier. It really is just a matter of how long until eSIM is adopted as the industry standard.

This is excellent news for customers. Due to the fact that the eSIM occupies less space, it enables slimmer devices, resulting in increased durability, simpler form factors, plus water resistance. Apart from these practical reasons, eSIM technology has other advantages, including the ability to enable new connectivity options and further digitize the subscriber experience.

7 Benefits of eSIMs For Consumers

Advantages of eSIM Technology In Daily Life

1. Compact Size, Increasing Possibilities

An eSIM, sometimes referred to as an “embedded SIM” or eUICC, serves the same role as a typical, removable SIM card: it stores the information that a gadget, tablet, IoT item, or laptop – requires to connect to a mobile network. Using a standard SIM card, on the other hand, requires the subscriber to enter a physical component into their device.

No need for physical operations with eSIM technology since the eSIM is attached to the device’s motherboard during production. The requirements for this integrated secure element are standardized, including the data format as well as security procedures.

eSIMs allow compatibility and virtual eSIM profile administration on any device since they are rewritable and interoperable with all major carriers.

2. A Subscription for Mobile Use Anywhere, Anytime

eSIM is catalyzing a paradigm change in how customers interact. Because the eSIM is incorporated in the device, setup is significantly simplified: there is no need to place a SIM card or retrieve it from a retail location, and no need to wait for it to come in the mail; the gadget can be activated and made available with an eSIM profile instantly and remotely.

eSIM provides a genuinely unique experience for subscribers, particularly when paired with remote identity management procedures. Subscribers could even browse different subscription services directly on their device via the carrier’s app or website, finish the registration process as well as provide proofs of identity by scanning their ID records and uploading their biometrics via the phone camera (there is no need to visit a shop to verify one’s identity), and then immediately install the eSIM profile onto the gadget for remote eSIM activation.

As a consequence, users may contract a mobile connection plan and use it instantly, anytime, and anywhere—whether at home or on the move, such as on public transit or when traveling internationally.

3. Enhancing and Personalizing the Onboarding Process

“Just-in-time” administration of eSIM profiles allows subscribers to proactively manage and amend eSIM profiles up to the point of download and eSIM activation on the device.

This implies that users can select their Pin number or mobile number at the time of enrollment and activation of a new device, ensuring genuinely customized and rapid service.

4. Get Multiple eSIM Devices On One Contract

The inclusion of “companion” devices is made possible using eSIM technology. When you possess numerous gadgets (for example, a wristwatch, a tablet, and a smartphone), activating them with a regular cellular plan might be challenging at times. Subscribers may add more devices to a contractual arrangement more simply with eSIM than they can with conventional SIMs, for example, by swiftly scanning a singular QR Code.

This enables users to easily join additional devices or telephone lines to their primary mobile subscription plan, for example, to establish connections for their children. Each cellular connection is self-contained but is associated with the “master” subscription. Additionally, it’s an intriguing chance to take benefit of subscription bundles in a single deal.

5. Run Multiple Accounts On A Single Device

Certain individuals use numerous SIM cards and mobile devices to meet a variety of demands, like utilizing a second device to separate work and personal communications or carrying many SIM cards appropriate to the various countries in which they reside or travel.

On the other side, eSIM allows users to maintain numerous operator accounts on a single device and switch between them remotely, allowing them to get the greatest connection service offering a range of coverage and pricing depending on their location.

6. Maintain Consistent Mobile Connectivity

Connectivity might be a difficulty when traveling overseas. Finding a free Wi-Fi connection takes effort, and paying for Wi-Fi at a hotel or coffee shop may be pricey. Additionally, unsecured Wi-Fi networks are frequently less secure than mobile 3G, 4G, or 5G networks, which include data encryption, identification, and cryptographic techniques.

However, locating a pay-as-you-go SIM card in a foreign country might be challenging. Over 25% of business visits last less than a day: why spend time each time attempting to get an actual SIM card for such a brief trip?

Subscribers may remain connected internationally using eSIM technology, which ensures an easy, hassle-free, as well as secure connection. Users may get a mobile connection upon arriving in their country of destination by just scanning a QR code associated with a local provider. With remote eSIM activation, the local mobile membership is acquired and authorized in a flash right on the device.

This constant communication is advantageous not simply while going overseas. One of the primary benefits of eSIM technology is the accompanying remote activating capabilities, which allow quick profile loading on a gadget for an always-on connection. Indeed, several circumstances, ranging from business projects to personal needs, necessitate dependable communication.

7. Try & Buy Option

The “Try and Buy” trend is pervasive across several sectors, including stores, software, including streaming services—and it is only projected to increase in popularity as a result of the emergence of a new generation of young, demanding customers.

The “Try and Buy” business strategy enables clients to evaluate a service for a certain period of time prior to subscribing to a paid service. Until recently, the mobile connection sector has been slow to adopt this trend, but eSIM may make it simpler for mobile operators to provide such services, allowing their consumers to better comprehend their worth and associated advantages. “Try and Buy” connection options may help accelerate the uptake of 5G networks including broadcasting, gaming, augmented reality (AR), including virtual reality (VR).

eSIM is unmatched in terms of price, security, time saved, and convenience of usage. It enables MNOs to provide a superior, seamless experience to their consumers. This increases consumer pleasure, strengthens the brand, and generates new commercial prospects.

On A Final Note

According to Juniper Research, the number of eSIMs deployed in connected devices would rise 180 percent from 1.2 billion in 2021 to 3.4 billion in 2025.

Additionally, new high-value services may be marketed with these eSIM devices as well. So, it won’t be long before eSIMs truly take over our phones and we, as consumers, are able to benefit from it.

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