AFRIBABA Review: Free Online Classified Site in Africa


Have you heard about Afribaba? Even if not, do not worry, we are here to help you out. We aim to discuss the best of its services, factors that promise your success, and most importantly, introduce the Afribaba to you.

So, let’s delve into this article to get to know more about this best online classified site.

What is Afribaba?

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Afribaba is an initiative of an African web developer who has taken this step for the development of Africa as a whole. After a long time by now, it has become the 100% free online classified website for everyone and especially for Africans.

It is important to note here that this site is solely made for the Africans and keeping their connection or internet speed in mind.

Yet, also respects the international developing standards. So, you do not have to worry about the violation.

What Does It Offer?

1# Provides the access to the site regardless of an internet connection

With the partnership with Facebook, now people in less industrialized African countries can even access the Afribaba site offline that is without having any internet connection.

You can access this free classified site in Africa through Facebook One can use it on their mobile phones, tablets, or even laptops, whatever is convenient for you.

2# Connects the traders and dealers for free

Afribaba aims to connect the buyers and sellers throughout the world online to promote supply and increase demand. Now, all the traders can market their products of any category, offering the buyers to choose from a wide range of products and services.

In turn, it builds up a business crossroad in Africa and helps to lift it. You can supply or demand any of your product online to the potential traders and dealers and get the most out of this free classified site in Africa. This service is not exclusively for beginners.

The professionals can also enter this marketing platform to flourish their business in Africa and help in developing it.

3# Free local Ads publisher in Africa

Afribaba provides a free of cost ads publisher service on its site. You can post the advertisements of any of your products ranging from furniture, beauty, fashion, automotive, leisure tools, job offers, massage services, or even for finding or renting a house, and still, the list does not end here.

You can distribute the ads of any of your products related to daily life more conveniently and free of cost through Afribaba online. These published ads, in turn, help in finding out the services or products that the buyers are looking for.

Even in these hard times, Afribaba aims to make your life easy, secure, and beneficent all from the comfort of your homes and with few clicks.

Afribaba’s Ultimate Goal

This startup is initiated by the African developers solely for the betterment of Africans. Yet, it is now also serving individuals and professionals from all over the world.

Reportedly, Jacques Temgo has developed this site intending to benefit and flourish Africa by working together under a single online platform.

Its ultimate goal is to build Africa and not to create a competition with others. This platform solely aims to provide the Africans with new ways to sell and buy the services or products and get some other good business ideas also.

Therefore, this online site serves everyone, even the professionals and competitors, with the best for the benefit of Africa.

Why Prefer Afribaba Over Other Online Sites?

If you are thinking of this same question then the reason is very simple. Undoubtedly there are several online classified sites but do not offer free of cost but qualitative services, right?

Afribaba offers both the sellers and buyers to interact and integrate through publishing quality ads without paying any fee or commission. It is free of cost service that does not compromise on the quality and does not even intervene in your dealings. It does not even deduct any transaction fee.

Along with this, the Afribaba professional moderators review and confirm the validity of the ads before publishing to make sure that the content is authentic and as per rules while ensuring the quality and credibility on their site.

In turn, block roads to the scammers or crooks. So, you can trust this general online free classified site.

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